Waqf Al Arafa (Hajj) Date 2020

Waqf Al Arafa day on HAJJ is on 30 Jul 2020. Waqf Al Arafa is known as Day of Arafah during Hajj day. Waqf Al Arafa (HAJJ) observes every year in the month of Islamic Date of ZULHIJJAH 9. Waqf Al Arafa is also called youm e arafat in the Arabic world. Waqf Al Arafa date during Hajj will be expected in the Arabic world as on 29 Jul 2020 and in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and some other parts of the world on 30 Jul 2020.

Event Date Hijri Date
Waqf Al Arafa (Hajj) 30 Jul 2020 9 Zulhijjah 1441 AH

Waqf Al Arafa - Hajj Date 2020

Waqf Al Arafah – Hajj is included among the five main pillars of Islam and it helds each year in the month of Zil Hajj. Hajj begins on 8th Zilhaj and Muslims perform several rukns (tasks) during Hajj days. However, the main rukn of Hajj is to stay at Maidan e Arafat.

Millions of Muslims gather at plain of Arafat for the Rukn e Azam. It is estimated that this year also over 2 million people will stay at Arafat. It is also a same place where Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) gave his Farewell Sermon.

Hajj is not considered complete until pilgrims stop at Mount Arafat. So the Rukn is synonymous with the Haj itself. Pilgrims arrive before noon and spend the whole afternoon there, remaining until Maghrib. People who are not physically fit to perform this task are obliged to compensate it with fasting.

From about noon until Maghrib, pilgrims stand in earnest supplication and devotion, praying for God's abundant forgiveness, and listen on different issues of religious and moral importance. They ask for Allah’s mercy and shed tears to make repentance. The day ends after the recitation of Al-Maghrib prayer. Next day on Eid ul Adha, pilgrims do Qurbani (sacrificial of animals) On this page you can check the date of Waqf Al Arafa. However, this year it will fall on August 10 2020. You can also check the dates of other events on their respective pages.

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