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Italy Prayer Timings 2018 - Find today Accurate Namaz Timings of Italy, Find detail Salaat Schedule & Timetable. Get Fajar (Fajr) timing in Italy, Dhuhur, Asr time in Italy, Maghrib timing in Italy & Isha timing in Italy Namaz timing with customize option of Prayer Times Calculation Methods & Juristic Methods. Find Nimaz ke Awqat with Qibla direction for proper guidance for your Namaz.

City Fajar Dhuhur Asr Maghrib Isha
Napoli 5:22 am 12:17 pm 3:14 pm 5:41 pm 7:07 pm
Bologna 5:33 am 12:29 pm 3:19 pm 5:47 pm 7:19 pm
Roma 5:29 am 12:24 pm 3:20 pm 5:47 pm 7:14 pm
Genova 5:43 am 12:38 pm 3:29 pm 5:57 pm 7:29 pm
Milano 5:42 am 12:37 pm 3:26 pm 5:54 pm 7:28 pm
Torino 5:48 am 12:43 pm 3:33 pm 6:01 pm 7:34 pm
Bari 5:11 am 12:07 pm 3:03 pm 5:30 pm 6:57 pm
Catania 5:18 am 12:14 pm 3:16 pm 5:42 pm 7:04 pm
Florence 5:34 am 12:29 pm 3:21 pm 5:49 pm 7:19 pm
Palermo 5:25 am 12:20 pm 3:22 pm 5:48 pm 7:11 pm
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Ma shaa Allah.
Allah bless on your all team.

SHAH NAWAZ, Wed 13 Dec, 2017
Treviso Prayer Timings

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Firenze Prayer Timings

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Sad, Venezia Wed 15 Nov, 2017
Padova Prayer Timings

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Saad, Padovara Wed 15 Nov, 2017
Firenze Prayer Timings

Living in a country like Firenze and offering prayer here is a very great job to do. With
the help of you I think I would be able to do it in time for sure as it is a religious
obligation for all of the Muslims.

Habib, Firenze Fri 27 Oct, 2017