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Italy Prayer Timings 2017 - Find today Accurate Namaz Timings of Italy, Find detail Salaat Schedule & Timetable. Get Fajar (Fajr) timing in Italy, Dhuhur, Asr time in Italy, Maghrib timing in Italy & Isha timing in Italy Namaz timing with customize option of Prayer Times Calculation Methods & Juristic Methods. Find Nimaz ke Awqat with Qibla direction for proper guidance for your Namaz.

City Fajar Dhuhur Asr Maghrib Isha
Napoli 4:18 am 1:00 pm 4:51 pm 7:58 pm 9:37 pm
Bologna 4:12 am 1:12 pm 5:07 pm 8:18 pm 10:05 pm
Roma 4:20 am 1:07 pm 5:00 pm 8:08 pm 9:48 pm
Genova 4:22 am 1:21 pm 5:16 pm 8:27 pm 10:15 pm
Milano 4:15 am 1:20 pm 5:17 pm 8:29 pm 10:19 pm
Torino 4:23 am 1:26 pm 5:22 pm 8:34 pm 10:23 pm
Bari 4:06 am 12:50 pm 4:41 pm 7:49 pm 9:28 pm
Catania 4:28 am 12:57 pm 4:44 pm 7:49 pm 9:21 pm
Florence 4:16 am 1:12 pm 5:07 pm 8:17 pm 10:02 pm
Palermo 4:32 am 1:04 pm 4:52 pm 7:57 pm 9:30 pm
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Milano Prayer Timings

I am using this website from the long time and I still don’t have any complaint with that because Its still give me the authentic prayer timings of Milano city

Zaid, Milano Thu 13 Apr, 2017
Saronno Prayer Timings

For the authentic prayer timings I sue to come at this website because it helps me to get the official prayer timings information about my city Saronno

Saad, Saronno Thu 13 Apr, 2017
Vicenza Prayer Timings

Prayer timings of Vicenza is now available at this website so if you have a friend and relative in this city so you will share this page to them to help them in this face

Ajmal, Vicenza Thu 13 Apr, 2017
Prato Prayer Timings

The prayer timings of Prato is now available at this website so this is absolutely the nicest place for me where I can get the authentic information about my city prayer timings

Noman, Prato Thu 13 Apr, 2017
Romeno Prayer Timings

Alhamdulillah’s I daily offer prayer five time a day and I am so happy for offering prayer .and I advised to everyone they should offer prayer.

irfan, romeno Sun 09 Apr, 2017
Saronno Prayer Timings

this helps me very much to being updated with saronno prayer timing thank you for helping me otherwise I really worried about it.

hashim, saronno Mon 03 Apr, 2017
Vicenza Prayer Timings

This website is looking very nice I really like it I am very glad to his who create this website and the prayers timing schedule I prepare the five time prayers

anoosha, vicenza Mon 03 Apr, 2017
Prato Prayer Timings

Salah reminds you of Allah (SWT), when you get up in the morning, it reminds you three more times when you are busy during the day, and once again before you go to bed.

yaqoob, prato Sat 01 Apr, 2017
Prato Prayer Timings

The establishment of five prayers a day is the duty of every Muslim.  Quran lays stress on offering prayers. 

danish, murree Wed 22 Mar, 2017
Prato Prayer Timings

Prato the most beautiful city but it's hard to go outside for Namaz there that's why I'm following this pretty page for updated with exact prayer timing of Prato city

Irshad, prato Fri 10 Mar, 2017