Sickness Duas

Sickness Duas - Read daily Sickness Duas in Arabic with English and Urdu translation. Find daily routine duas to ensure the shower of Allah Almighty’s blessings on them. List of Sickness Masnoon Duas (دعـاء المسنون) for every event and action that can ensure unlimited blessings of Allah Almighty on you.

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भारत में, COVID-19 के कारण हजारों लोग अपनी जान गंवा चुके हैं। हालाँकि, हमें घातक वायरस से सुरक्षित रहने के लिए कोरोनावायरस की दुआ का पाठ करना चाहिए।

  • Ahsan , Mumbai
  • Sat 19 Jun, 2021


  • Mohsin Hassan , Karachi
  • Fri 04 Mar, 2016

This such a true way for those who see some one sneezing, this is the right way to pray for the muslim brother.

  • kaleem , khi
  • Mon 25 May, 2015

Since childhood, it is necessary to learn this small things to the children and also perform yourself being a muslim.

  • naeem , khi
  • Mon 25 May, 2015

Should have faciliy to print or forward

  • Raoof , Sharjah
  • Wed 24 Dec, 2014