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Rajshahi Qibla Direction - Find accurate online Rajshahi, Bangladesh qibla direction with online qibla compass and map at Hamariweb.com. Locate qibla (mecca) direction from your location with the help of google map and online qibla compass available on page. You can easily enter your city and find exact Rajshahi Qibla Direction for namaz from anywhere in world.

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Rajshahi Qibla Direction Comments & Reviews

I have asked Muslim scholars based in Rajshahi about accurate Khana e Kaaba directions according to the geographical location of the city. They informed me about this online Rajshahi Qibla Direction page which I am following now.

Daniyal, Rajshahi Fri 05 May, 2017

After my degree, I have permanently shifted to Rajshahi. My friends are Muslims living in my neighborhood. They showed me this Rajshahi Qibla Direction page and it is quiet helpful.

Hifza, Rajshahi Tue 21 Mar, 2017

After my marriage, I have permanently shifted to Rajshahi. My helpful neighbors guided us to this page offering Rajshahi Qibla Direction page. This is like a blessing in disguise as we don’t have any Masjid nearby.

Azlan, Rajshahi Thu 02 Feb, 2017

After my marriage, I have permanently shifted to Rajshahi. I was searching for authentic Qibla directions to say my prayers, when I discovered this Rajshahi Qibla Direction page. I have a feeling that we can trust the source of this page.

Haris, Rajshahi Tue 24 Jan, 2017

Can anyone please guide me about right Khana e Kaaba directions applicable for Perth city? I am searching for sun rise and sunset information about this city too but unable to access authentic one. Finally I found this rajshahi Qibla Directions page posted online! I need confirmation about its authenticity before using it!

Muhammad, rajshahi Wed 11 Jan, 2017

When I was in Pakistan I always prefer Masjid to offer Salah but it was quiet difficult for me to settled in rajshahi because it is a Non Muslim Country and there is no Masjid in this city that is why I set the rajshahi Qibla Direction in my phone. It is helpful to identify the correct place to offer Salah.

Sana, rajshahi Thu 15 Dec, 2016


Muhammad, Staying on a work visa here in rajshahi. I miss my family and friends a lot. I feel bad when I miss Salaat only because I don’t know the right Khana e Kaaba directions. Thanks to this rajshahi Qibla Directions page for giving us directions on time. Fri 09 Dec, 2016

I have work visa for two years in Rajshahi. I have the habit of saying prayers on time and was looking for right Qibla Directions applicable on the city. I have finally subscribed to Rajshahi Qibla Directions page online.

Bisma, Rajshahi Sat 19 Nov, 2016

Being new to a city makes it difficult for me to pray on time. After browsing I have discovered this online schedule of Rajshahi Qibla Directions. It seems decent and authentic to me. I can use it from my mobile phone.

Aasim, Rajshahi Mon 14 Nov, 2016

The oversees Pakistanis living in Rajshahi has told me about this Rajshahi Qibla Directions page posted for Muslim citizens who face difficulty in finding the right direction. Using it since past few days.

Abbas, Rajshahi Thu 03 Nov, 2016

My in laws are thankful to me as I offered them Rajshahi Qibla Directions page that allows them to say prayers at the right direction. I am an old user of this Qibla direction page.

Mohammed, Rajshahi Tue 25 Oct, 2016

My in laws are going to shift to Rajshahi. They might not be able to get the authentic Qibla directions. Therefore, this Rajshahi Qibla Directions page is discovered by me so they can say prayers accordingly.

Aariz, Rajshahi Tue 18 Oct, 2016

I almost lost all hopes to find the right qibla directions, when this rajshahi qibla direction page caught my attention. We have recently shifted to this city and therefore were trying to figure out the right time.

Iqbal, Rajshahi Sat 08 Oct, 2016
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