Shab e Barat 2023 Netherlands

Shab e Barat 2023 date in Netherlands is expected in the evening of 06 Mar 23. Shab e Barat is observed every year in the mid of Islamic date of Shaban 15. The same date is also observed in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and followed regions. Shab e Barat date is different in the Arab world and associated regions and expected date in the evening of 06 03 23 in Saudia Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Egypt, and other followed regions.

Event Shab e Barat
Date Evening of 06 Mar 23
Hijri Date 15 Shaban 1444 AH

When is Shab e Barat 2023 Date in Netherlands

Shab e Barat 2023 in Netherlands is 06 Mar 23 (15 Shaban 1443 AH).

In Islam, there are several Islamic events that have their own significance. However, Shab e Barat is also among the holiest event of Islam. Each year, Muslims in Netherlands do special arrangements regarding the event. They eagerly wait for the moon sighting to be aware of the confirmed Shab e Barat 2023 date in Netherlands and to plan their activities accordingly.

Shab e Barat Nawafil After Maghrib in Netherlands

Muslim offers 6 rakaat Shab e Barat Nawafil prayers (2+2+2), after Maghrib

Dua e Nisf Shaban in Netherlands

Dua e Nisf Shaban is a special prayer that Muslims recite after each 2 nafl prayer, after Magrib.

Shab e Barat 2023 Namaz

On the 15th night of Shaban, Muslims take ghusl with 7 berry leaves and pray nawafil all night.

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Shab e Barat 2023 date for Nijmegen, Groningen, Breda, Eindhoven, Tilburg, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Den Haag, Rotterdam, Almere Stad and others cities are also available on this page.
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