South Africa Ramadan Timings (Sehri & Iftar)

South Africa Ramadan Time consists of Ramadan Calendar 2021 South Africa and Timetable 30 days for all cities. The month of South Africa 2021 is starting from 13 April 2021 and the 1st Ramadan in South Africa will be on Tuesday 1442 Hijri. Ramadan Sehri Time and Iftar Time for different cities are mentioned below, Where you get a daily exact time for Ramadan 2021 South Africa.

Ramadan Timetable 2021 South Africa

City Sehr Iftar
Durban 03:53 am 06:07 pm
Pietermaritzburg 03:56 am 06:10 pm
East London 03:59 am 06:23 pm
Port Elizabeth 04:07 am 06:33 pm
Benoni 04:10 am 06:15 pm
Johannesburg 04:12 am 06:16 pm
Pretoria 04:12 am 06:15 pm
Soweto 04:12 am 06:17 pm
Tembisa 04:11 am 06:15 pm
Cape Town 04:35 am 07:02 pm

Latest Reviews on South Africa Ramadan Timings

Durban Ramadan Timings

Durban is the third most populous city in South Africa but it doesnt have a large number of Muslims residing here. our small community looks up to this site for observing our fast. This platform is nothing less than a blessing for us Muslims in Durban.
Liaquat, Durban Mon 19 Apr, 2021

Cape Town Ramadan Timings

Cape Town is the second most populous city in South Africa. The mountains, wide stretches of beaches and green surroundings make it a perfect place to be. Observing ramadan here is an opportunity to thank Allah for all the blessings He bestowed. the only thing that was worrying me was how do i get the correct ramadan timing, but you satisfied that curiosity of mine too. Thanks alot
Hadi, Cape Town Fri 16 Apr, 2021

Cape Town Ramadan Timings

The best ramadan calendar with download feature, i recommended it to all my friends and family. its a must have tool in ramadan.
Habib, Cape Town Wed 14 Apr, 2021

Durban Ramadan Timings

Here roza in Durban is very short, it is quite convenient to observe fast here. May Allah bless the Muslim Ummah in this holy month. Thanks for uploading this ramadan timing.
Taher, Durban Wed 14 Apr, 2021

Cape Town Ramadan Timings

This is the most detailed page about ramadan timings for the place i am currently living in. Cape Town is a beautiful place with scenic views and roza time here is also short as compared to other places in the world.
Fasih, Cape Town Tue 13 Apr, 2021

Durban Ramadan Timings

My friend in Pak suggested me this amazing site for Ramadan timing in Durban. It was really difficult before to observe ramadan timing here. but now with the help of this calendar it will be very easy. Thanks
Farjad, Durban Mon 12 Apr, 2021

Cape Town Ramadan Timings

Thank you so much for giving the Ramadan timings for Cape Town city . As being a Muslim, it is a religious obligation for us to fast and to do it at its right time is also very much important for us.
Zain, Cape Town Mon 12 Apr, 2021

Durban Ramadan Timings

We live in a place secluded from the Muslim community of South Africa. I was quite concerned that the ramadan is near, how will i observe this month properly without having any masjid around. Upon searching I find the Ramadan timing calendar here, which is very helpful. Now i can do sehri and iftaari by following this schedule. May Allah bless you for this work.
Umer, Durban Sat 10 Apr, 2021

Cape Town Ramadan Timings

The weather here in Cape Town is perfect nowadays and luckily, the Roza timing is also very less. Thanks for providing this complete Ramadan timing, now i dont have to search the internet everyday to look up for sehri and iftar timing.
Hasham, Cape Town Sat 10 Apr, 2021

Cape Town Ramadan Timings

Accurate Cape Town Ramadan Timings are available on this page online. I can wake up for Sehri on time following this Cape Town Ramadan timing schedule.
Bilal, Cape Town Fri 09 Apr, 2021

South Africa Ramadan Timing 2021 – Ramadan is the month of blessing for Muslims worldwide. During the whole month of Ramadan; Muslims fast and pray to seek forgiveness, blessings, and mercy of Allah Almighty. Muslims all over the world prepare for this month in advance. Checking the Ramadan timings in advance is one of the most practiced tasks. Muslims prefer to check their respective city’s Ramadan timings. Geographical location of the city plays its part in identifying the accurate Sehr o Iftar timings of every city. South Africa Ramadan Timings 2021 are specific for South Africa and verified according to the lunar calendar. It is confirmed after the announcement of Ramadan moon.

Find today Sehr o Iftar Ramadan Times in South Africa. Fasting timetable (Roza) and schedule according to South Africa for different Fiqa as Hanafi (Sunni) and Fiqa Jafria (Shia). As Holy Ramadan is the month of Fasting for all Muslim around the World and the Sehr o Iftar timing depends on Sunrise Sunset that is why provides South Africa Ramadan calendar 2021 with complete month schedule according to cities get updated sehri o iftari South Africa Ramadan calendar 2021. Search designed Ramadan calendar 2021, especially for both fiqh Jafri & Hanafi. Find accurate fiqa Jafria iftar time, fiqa Hanafi iftar time, fiqa Jafria sehri time & fiqa Hanafi sehri time. Stay connected this Ramadan for Sehr o Iftar Times.

What People Ask About Ramadan Time 2021? Question & Answer (Q & A)

Q: What is Ramadan Time in South Africa?

Ramadan Time 2021 in Durban is, SEHR 03:53 AM and IFTAR 06:07 PM

Q: What is Sehri time in South Africa?

Today Sehri Time in Durban is 03:53 AM on 15 Oct 2021

Q: What is Iftar Time in South Africa?

Today Iftar Time in Durban is 06:07 PM on 15 Oct 2021

Q: What is Ramadan Start Date in South Africa and End Date?

This year Ramadan starts on Apr 12, 2021 & Ramadan Ends on May 12, 2021. It is generally observed that Ramadan starts one day later in some parts of the world majorly in sub-content including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and many other countries.