Turkey Qibla Directions

Qibla Directions in Turkey - Find Qibla directions with online qibla compass of different cities in Turkey with complete information to locate mecca. Browse Qibla Directions in Turkey from your location with the help of google map and online qibla compass available on page. You will also find here namaz direction and other countries Makkah Qibla directions.
Turkey Qibla Direction (Top Cities)
• Istanbul • Ankara

Turkey Qibla Directions

• Abaci • Ahi
• Abdi • Akar
• Abdürrahim • Akarsu
• Abdurrahman • Akbas
• Acar • Akbük
• Acarlar • Akçaabat
• Acibadem • Akçakale
• Acipayam • Akçakoca
• Adakli • Akçal
• Adalar • Akçay
• Adalet • Akdag
• Adali • Akgömlek
• Adana • Akhisar
• Adapazari • Akilli
• Adiguzel • Akin
• Adil • Akkaya
• Adilcevaz • Akkus
• Adiyaman • Akmese
• Adliye • Akpinar
• Aegoe • Aksaray
• Afsin • Aksaz
• Afyon • Aksehir
• Afyonkarahisar • Akseki
• Agva • Aksoy
• Agzibuyuk • Aktepe

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Istanbul Qibla Direction

good information about qibla thans prayer is very important

Kamran, Istanbul Mon 18 Feb, 2019
Istanbul Qibla Direction

By this online way we easily get to know the Istanbul qibla direction available who every Muslim can easily know that from this online way

alishba, islamabad Fri 09 Mar, 2018
Istanbul Qibla Direction

Our family is residing in Istanbul since past few days. Apart from other problems, the most faced problem is finding the accurate Qibla direction. After some research I figured out this authentic page of Istanbul Qibla directions that my whole family can use with ease.

Humaira, Istanbul Fri 05 May, 2017
Ankara Qibla Direction

I have recently suggested this right Khana e Kaaba location, and information about latitude, and longitude for Ankara city! After browsing, I found this Ankara Qibla Directions page that is certainly the best thing ever to be found.

Afnan, Ankara Fri 05 May, 2017
Istanbul Qibla Direction

The online Muslim users residing in Istanbul City can book mark and follow this new and authentic schedule of Istanbul Qibla directions. The best thing is that page is updated from time to time.

Aaban, Istanbul Tue 21 Mar, 2017