United Arab Emirates Qibla Directions

Qibla Directions in United Arab Emirates - Find Qibla directions with online qibla compass of different cities in United Arab Emirates with complete information to locate mecca. Browse Qibla Directions in United Arab Emirates from your location with the help of google map and online qibla compass available on page. You will also find here namaz direction and other countries Makkah Qibla directions.
United Arab Emirates Qibla Direction (Top Cities)

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Dubai Qibla Direction

Qibla direction

Numair, Dubai Mon 12 Mar, 2018
Abu Dhabi Qibla Direction

The online Muslim clients living in Abu Dhabi City can bookmark and take after this
new and bona fide timetable of Abu Dhabi Qibla Directions. The best thing is that
page is refreshed now and again.

Eram, Abu Dhabi Mon 12 Feb, 2018
Dubai Qibla Direction

In Non-Muslim nation, it is extremely hard to offer Salah in Mosque. I live in Dubai
where the Mosque is too a long way from my residency that is the reason typically I
offer all prayers at home by following this Qibla direction,

Aalia, Dubai Mon 12 Feb, 2018
Sharjah Qibla Direction

Assalamualikum. Where shall i stand in my room and determine the qibla direction. As if i stand on the enterence it shows another direction,whereas while i enter my room it changes. Please assist.

Maryam, Sharjah Sat 10 Jun, 2017
Sharjah Qibla Direction

I am here in Sharjah city for work purpose. I don’t have a habit of leaving any Salaat, no matter what, therefore, I subscribed to this Sharjah Qibla Directions page online on my smart phone. I have set my alarm accordingly.

Abbas, Sharjah Fri 05 May, 2017