Chapli Kabab Recipe

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Chapli Kabab is a famous dish of Pakistan that mainly serves on special occasion along with Parathas Onion rings and Green Mint chutney. The main ingredient of this recipe to enhan Read More

Chapli Kabab is a famous dish of Pakistan that mainly serves on special occasion along with Parathas Onion rings and Green Mint chutney. The main ingredient of this recipe to enhance its flavor and taste is pomegranate seeds that give them a distinctive flavor. This famous dish is made from mutton or beef with combined recipes. To get the delicious recipe of Chapli Kabab visit HamariWeb food section. Try this unique recipe of Chapli Kabab one of the traditional dish of Pakistan. To make your dish juicy and tempting add pomegranate seeds in it. People like to have this dish with Lacha Paratha. You can also serve this dish with Onion rings and Imili Chutney. Give surprise to your friends and family by making Chapli Kabab at home. Hide


Qeema (Beaf):1 KG

Cookig Oil:2 cup

Chpped Onion:1Cup

Ginger Paste:1.5Tbsp

Garlic Paste:1.5Tbsp


Bread:2 slices

Green Chili:4 Pcs

Salt: To Taste

Black Pepper:1Tsp

Red Chilli Powder:1Tbsp


Corn Flour:3Tbsp


First of all qeemay ko achi tarah chopper mei chopp kar lain then iss mei chopped onion,Ginger paste(adrak jka paste), 2 Fry anday(2 Fried eggs),2 kachay anday(2 Uncooked eggs),Garlic paste(Lehsin ka paste),Hari mirch,Surkh mirch powder,Namak,Garam Masala,Or 2 slices ko 1sec k liye pani mei bhigo kar nachoor lain,1tbsp Corn flour dal ko isko hathun ki madad se khoob achi tarah mix karain itna mix karain k sara material yak.jaa hojaye.
Fir iss material ko chapli kabab ki shape dain.APka lkabab at least app k hand k size jitna ho or katay hoay tomato ka 1,1 piece,1,1 kabab mei penetrate kar dain.

In kababs ko jis plate mei rakhna hai uss plate mei pehlay se he corn flour chirk lain.
Ab Frying pan mei oil daal k garam kar lain jab oil achi tarah garam hop to kabab ko dal kar dhemi anch par fryu krain,or chmchay ki madad se oil kabab par daltay jayen jesay k fried egg karnay k liye daltay hain.
Sab kababs ko aik he tareekay se fry karna hai.
I hope you'll emhoy this recipe.

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The recipe of chapli kabab is very famous in Pakistan. These kebabs give truly a scrumptious taste of crispy chicken; eat with raita, tomato ketchup or imli ki chatni for the maximum taste.
By: Iram, Form: Karachi, on 23 Aug, 2018
I just made the chapli Kabab by the help of this amazing recipe which is we have here and this is the best part for getting the complete recipe with every step
By: Tabeer, Form: Lahore, on 31 Jul, 2018
Here mention the chapli kabab whole recipe with the every step by step that everyone can easily follow that to get make this dish with new taste
By: Jawwad, Form: faislabad, on 20 Jul, 2018
not everyone can cook tasty and without bad small chapli kabab, its an art of making chapli kabab, well you better try this recipe at your homes.
By: Wazie, Form: Sialkot, on 17 Jul, 2018
What if I don't add pomegranate seeds than the taste of this dish will same or it will just like plain.
By: Sana, Form: Lahore, on 19 Sep, 2015
In this recipe I cannot see that there is mention to use anaar dana but many chef include anaar dana in the masala of chapli kabab, although it make a sour taste but it you know for the teeth its seeds are not good.
By: jasmin, Form: khi, on 17 Sep, 2015
Chappli Kabab is so common that you can now easily make this in your home by following this simple recipe.
By: Fareeda, Form: Karachi, on 04 Sep, 2015
Chapli Kababs are great I make them whenever I get the time to do cooking. I am not fond of cooking but whenever I make any dish in my home everyone likes it.
By: Farhana, Form: Karachi, on 25 Aug, 2015
I liked this chapli kabab recipe thanks for sharing it online here. I will try this in my home and I hope I will get positive response from my family.
By: Sana, Form: Karachi, on 24 Aug, 2015
I make Chapli Kabab on special ocassions and everyone likes my handmade Chapli kabab.
By: Aliya, Form: Karachi, on 08 Jul, 2015