Chapli Kabab Recipe

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Hina from Karachi
  1. Beef Minced-1 kg
  2. Coriander Seeds-1 tbsp
  3. White Cumin-1 tbsp (bhuna hoa pisa hoa)
  4. Pomegranate Seeds – 2 tbsp (garam pani main bhigo kar thick paste banalain)
  5. Egg-1
  6. Red Pepper-1/2 tbsp (powder)
  7. Corn Flour-2 tbsp
  8. Red Chili-1/2 tbsp (powder)
  9. Crushed Red Pepper-1/2 tbsp
  10. Crushed Black Pepper-1 tsp
  11. Mint-1/2 bunch (chopped)
  12. Tomato-2 (cut in to circle shape)
  13. Oil,ghee-as required
  14. Salt-to taste
  • Take minced put coriander seed, cumin, pomegranate seeds, egg and all the ingredients except tomato.
  • Mix it well and leave it in a fridge for half an hour.
  • After that take frying pan heat up oil in it always remember that never ever deep fry chapli kabab.
  • Now cut slices of tomato, take a minced and put tomato slice in it and cover it.
  • Now fry chapli kabab and serve it with raita, chatni and naan.
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Cooking is my passion. I just can’t stop myself from trying new recipes. This Eid my whole family is invited at my house and I will be making so many dishes including this Chapli Kabab recipe that I have just witnessed on this page.

  • Babi, Karachi
  • Wed 31 Aug, 2016