Dahi Bara Masala Recipe

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Dahi Baray Masala is spicy, delicious and of course essential masala for dahi baray. So lets make your iftar more yummy and enjoy dahi baray.


3"(inches long)Cinnamon stick.

2 black cardamoms.

20 whole dried chilies.

1 table spoon coriander.

4-5 cloves,

1 table spoon black pepper.

2 table spoon cumin seeds.

1 tea spoon carom seeds.

salt to taste


1. Grind every thing together
2. Spread on a flat dish to let it cool
3. Keep in airtight jar or container or zip lock bag otherwise it may spoil
4. May last for 2-3 months
5. Serve with snacks like dahi baras or chana chaat

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dahi bara masala is the best thing you can put into the bahi bara .dahi bara is nothing without the dahi bara masala and the specialty is that it can upto 2 to 3 months
By: maha, Form: rawalpindi, on 20 Apr, 2019
Dahi bara masala is nice it is tasty made i made in home
By: Kamran, Form: Islamabad, on 28 Jan, 2019
Dahi Bara Masala is such a yummy much masalas.Dahi Bara Masala and love the taste.Dahi Bara Masala Recipe makes with the lots of spicey that mine whole family eat and was like to dahi bara masala recipe.I try many recipes and found this recipes is quit easy.Brain Masala Recipe .
By: rahila, Form: karachi, on 25 Oct, 2018
So finally I have found the way to make dahi bara masala at my home. I will surely try this recipe and please bring variety in the flavors and taste of masala. It will be great favor from you.
By: Rowania, Form: Sharjah, on 12 May, 2017
My family is a huge fan of meaty dishes. I am currently making my Eid dinner menu and adding some new tasty dishes in it. I just saw this Dahi Bara Masala recipe that includes all the ingredients that are easily available in my kitchen.
By: Afham, Form: Hyderabad, on 31 Aug, 2016