Islamabad Embassy/Consulate

Islamabad Embassy/Consulate - Find phone numbers & location of Embassy/Consulate in Islamabad Pakistan at largest online telephone directory of Pakistan.
Name Address Phone No.
AFGHANISTAN ISLAMIC EMIRATE EMBASSY House No.8,Street 90,G-6/3 2824505-6, 2822566
ALGERIA EMBASSY H #107,St.#9,Sector E-7 2206632-2206631
American Embassy Diplomatic Enclave, Ramna 5 2080000
ARGENTINE REPUBLIC EMBASSY 20 Hill Road,F-6/3,G.P.O.Box 1015 2825561-2821242
AUSTRALIA HIGH COMMISSION Diplomatic Enclave No.1,Sector G-5/4,P.O.Box: 1046 2824345
AUSTRIA EMBASSY House No.13,1st Street,F-6/3 2279238-2279237
BANGLADESH HIGH COMMISSION H.No.1,Street-5,F-6/3 2279267
BELGIUM THE ROYAL EMBASSY House No.14,Street 17,F-7/2,P.O.Box:1016 2827091-2277753-2821735-2821815
BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA EMBASSY 1-Kaghan Road,F-8/3 2261041-2261003
BRAZIL EMBASSY 180-G,(New 50)Attaturk Avenue,G-6/3,P.O.Box 1053 2279691-2279690
BRITISH HIGH COMMISSION Diplomatic Enclave,Ramna-5 2822135-2822131-2206071-2206075
BRUNEI DARUSSALAM HIGH COMMISSION House No.16,Street-21,F-6/2 2823783-2823038-2823859-2823372
BULGARIA EMBASSY Plot 6-11,Diplomatic Enclave,Ramna-5,P.O.Box:1483 2279197-2279196
CANADIAN HIGH COMMISSION Diplomatic Enclave,Sector G-5,P.O.Box: 1042 2279103-2279100
CHINA EMBASSY Diplomatic Enclave,Ramna-4 2824786-817279
CROATIA EMBASSY House No.70,Margalla Rd.F-7/2 2827662-2827649
CZECH REPUBLIC EMBASSY House No.49,Street No.27,Sector F-6/2 2274304
DENMARK EMBASSY House No.9,St.No.90,Ramna 6/3,P.O.Box 1118 2824724-2824722
EGYPT EMBASSY Plot Nos.38-51,U.N.Boulevard,Diplomatic Enclave,Ramna 5/4,P.O.Box No.2088 2209072, 2820180
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