Top Muslim Baby Names in US

Searching for a perfect name for a baby is A huge responsibility for parents. Every mother and father tries to research a lot before selecting a name for their baby. If we typically talk about the Muslims residing in the USA, many Muslim baby names are popular among the community. A vast Muslim population resides in America and follows their religious teaching without any hindrance. They even offer their religious rituals and give their Muslim baby names as an Identity. So here we have designed this blog for people looking for top Muslim baby names in the USA.

Top US Muslim Baby Names

Muslim parents usually want a name that has a positive meaning and often, one that confirms their faith. And selecting such a name from the given list would make this naming process way easier. Arabic names or names inspired by the Qur'an are also popular choices for Muslim children born in the America. Muslim parents believe that the name can affect the child and so they look for a name that has a meaning that motivates or reflects a good quality. Find the Top Muslim names in the USA below.

Top Muslim Baby Names in America

Names English Meaning
Mohammed Name of the Prophet, a person with many virtues
Omar Life, long living, name of the Caliph Omar Bin Al-Khatab
Ahmed Praise worthy
Adam The first human God created
Ali Sublime, exalted, name of the Caliph Ali Bin Abi Talib
Sara Pure, happy
Fathima Name of the Prophet's daughter
Samaira Enchanting
Ayesha Name of one of the Prophet's wife, Lively, Woman
Zahra Radiant, Shining, Flower

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