Dehli Walon Ka Qurma

Dehli Walon Ka Qurma – Learn how to make Mattar Pulao at home by following this amazing recipe posted on this page. Dehli Walon Ka Qurma can be served at dinner or lunch parties to the guests or for the family on weekend as a treat.

Submited by Hifsa from karachi


Meat___ half kg
Onion___ 3 bundles
Salt___ to taste
Crushed coriander___ 25 grams
Ginger____ half small bundle
White cumin seed___ 1 spoon
Turmeric___ half spoon
Rawp papaya___ half spoon
crushed red pepper___ 25 grams
seasoning___ 2 tola
Nutmeg___ some
Essence, leaves___ to taste
Small cardamon___ 10 grams
Salt___ to taste


Chop the onion into fine pieces and fry to almond\'s color. Take out onion from it nad spread on tray.
Separate out the cloves, black pepper, small cardamon, cinnamon and leaves from the spices.
Grind the remaining spices nutmeg, coriander, cumin, cloves, black pepper, cinnamon, ginger , garlic and raw papaya.
Was h the meat properly and add raw papaya, ginger, garlic and the remainaing spices in it.
Now beat red pepper, turmeric and salt into yoghurt.
And mix in into meat.
Cover it for a while.
After awhile add almond\'s onion and ghee into alarge vessel.
Add meat in it and place on the stove on a medium fire and water to such extent that the meat after tender turns into the curry.
Heat the onion after grinding
it into hands into seasoning and add into meat and leave to heat.
When the ghee becomes separate add a drop of essence. This qurma will give better taste with tandori bread. It is a special dish for guests.


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Reviews on Dehli Walon Ka Qurma

I just can’t resist yummy food and having this habit urged me to cook myself. I cook when I feel bored. I yesterday tried this Dehli Walon Ka Qurma recipe in the afternoon and trust me guys I just can’t tell you how much happy I am to make it.
Babak - Faisalabad 8/31/2016 12:58:55 AM