Kashmiri Pulao Recipe by Rida Aftab

Submited by Azeema from Hayatabad


Rice ½ kg
Apple 2
Carrot 2
Chicken (karahi pieces) ½ kg
Onion 1
Raisin 50 gm
Almond 50 gm
Black pepper (crushed) 1 tbsp
Salt  2 tsp
Butter 50 gm
Fresh coriander 1 bunch
Cumin 2 tsp
Ginger garlic paste  1 tbsp
Oil ½ cup


Soak ½ kg rice for 30 minutes. Heat ½ cup oil in a pan, add 1 chopped onion and fry well till golden brown. Add ½ kg chicken and 1 tbsp ginger garlic paste, fry well till chicken turn to golden color. Add 3 glass of water and cook till water remains only 2 glasses then add chopped carrot and apples. Also add 2 tsp salt and 2 tsp cumin seeds. Cook for 10 minutes. Now add soaked rice. Cook till water dries, add 1 tbsp black pepper, 50 gm butter, 50 gm almonds, 50 gm raisins and fresh coriander leaves. Simmer for 15 minutes and serve.

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Reviews on Kashmiri Pulao Recipe by Rida Aftab

This is the easiest method to make Kashmiri pulao at home with the lots of ingredients and delicious taste as we like that
warda - mu 3/28/2018 6:21:25 AM
the Kashmiri pulao is the delicious dish ever of mine favorite who we make that by this method that with the lots of ingredients
ammara - Karachi 3/17/2018 6:15:21 AM
Kashmiri Pulao was absolutely another dish for me to eat so that is the primary reason that I made it. It was awesome and an absolutely imperative recipe for making pulao.
Rania - Lahore 3/2/2018 1:24:51 PM
Get the complete recipe of the Kashmiri Pulao from here which is really good to see and has the really good recipe of making it very easy way
Shayana - Karachi 2/6/2018 2:48:13 PM
This Kashmiri pulao is the bets dish ever that is totally different then another rice dish because it makes with lots of ingredients
anam - lahore 1/31/2018 2:01:13 PM
Get the best taste of the Kashmiri pulao formula here which is looking okay and astonishing all the time we precisely require. This is amazing and tasty recipe indeed.
eshal - Rawaat 1/31/2018 5:10:34 AM
Whenever I am hungry, I always read recipes and watch videos of food on youtube. This is my hobby only when I am hungry. Lol. Thank you for these recipes.
Omar - Lahore 1/19/2018 3:14:25 PM
Looking so delicious dish of Kashmiri pulao by check aftab who has the easy method to make at home which the everyone can easily follow that
hafsa - islamabad 1/10/2018 4:53:13 PM
Get the perfect recipe with the same taste you ever need by the restaurants I have just tried these recipes in this winter and I love it
urooj - islamabad 12/25/2017 11:36:11 AM
This Kashmiri pulao is mine favorite dish ever who makes with the lightly ingredients and with some ingredients that make it so delicious
nayla - multan 12/18/2017 2:51:52 PM

Kashmiri Pulao Recipe by Rida Aftab

Kashmiri Pulao Recipe by Rida Aftab – Kashmiri Pulao is a delicious and aromatic variation of Pulao. It originates from Kashmiri cuisine. It is a contemporary Pulao dish that is full with the goodness of nuts, dry fruits, and fried carrots. This delightful Kashmiri Pulao can be ready in approximately 30 Minutes and good to serve around 2-4 People. Recipe in Urdu is also available you can follow all the steps recommended by Chef to get a perfect dish. Kashmiri Pulao Recipe by Rida Aftab can be added to your dinner or lunch menu to be served to guests.