Makhadi Halwa

Submited by Alia from Karachi


Ghee 1/2 cup
Sugar 1, 1/2 cups
Milk 3 cups
Semolina 1, 1/2 cups
Khoya as per taste


5 Steps Makhadi Halwa Recipe

1. Mix the milk and semolina and keep it for some time.
2. Put the sugar and ghee in pan and mix it.
3. When its gets melt then add semolina
4. When its gets thick then add khoya and dish out it.
5. Serve


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Reviews on Makhadi Halwa

This is looking so delicious dosh of makhadi halwa that has the delicious taste and also looking so sweet with lots of delicious ingredients
kashaf - Panjab 6/4/2018 1:48:23 PM
Get the best information about making the new recipes which is now mentioned here with the very good way we just want to make online from here
nahida - karachi 5/7/2018 5:03:37 PM
I am not really sure about this recipe because I never try it before and this dish has the new name which I never listen before as well
Tania - Karachi 5/14/2017 6:07:30 AM
I never seen this halwa and I never eat it but I am seeing this recipe of makhadi halwa which mine family must like to eat
sameera - karachi 1/28/2017 11:19:51 AM
I love pizza and I eat that once in a day which I order from the pizza point because there every pizza very delicious and there pizza looking also very tasty which I will make it next time
areeba - karachi 1/28/2017 11:19:14 AM
Makhadi Halwa seems like a regional dessert that is enjoyed by one segment of our country. I still wanna try making it to see how it actually tastes like. Thanks for the recipe
Rida - Lahore 4/15/2016 6:35:07 AM
Thank you so much who ever upload this video jazahkAllah may Allah bless you next time plz explain bit more so we can make it
Qudsiya - islamabad 4/11/2016 9:52:19 AM
Assalamu Alaikum. I m big fan of your website. Your recipes are very delicious. I have a request. Could you kindly share a recipe for aflatoon. I will really appreciate it.
Hameeda - Karachi 3/27/2016 2:13:38 AM
Makhadi Ka halwa is very sweet. Its aroma and taste is too good and it’s also taking a short time to prepare. So try this is homemade recipe now and make your winter more appetizing.
Shumaila - Muree 3/20/2016 2:06:05 PM
I am very impressed with the all the recipes, I make Halwa recipe yesterday on Eid Milad Un Nabi and all my family members appreciate me.
Afeefa - Lahore 3/11/2016 5:22:15 AM

Makhadi Halwa

Makhadi Halwa recipe is a specialty dessert of Nara, a village in Attock district, Punjab. Makhadi Halwa is prepared with Semolina, Sugar, Ghee, Milk, and Khoya. You can easily access these ingredients in your kitchen and can prepare it anytime you want. Makhadi Halwa Recipe can be served after lunch or dinner as a dessert. You can even prepare to grace the occasions like Eid, Weddings etc. You can access Makhadi Halwa Recipe at any local Desi restaurant in Pakistan.