Multani Sohan Halwa Recipe

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• 1 liter milk
• 1/2 tsp. lemon salt
• 6 tbsp. white flour
• 2 tbsp. sprouted wheat flour
• 1 cup sugar
• 4 tbsp. pure ghee
• 4-5 green cardamoms
• Almonds and walnuts as required
For Garnish
• Almonds, chopped
• Pistachios chopped
• Method Of Multani Sohan Halwa


• In a deep pan boil milk and add white flour, Sprouted Wheat flour and then lemon salt. Stir lightly. Let it boil for 5 minutes.
• Now Paneer will separate and cook on low heat, constantly.
• When paneer mixture is reduced to half, gradually put sugar, keep stirring slowly, otherwise lumps may form. Now a smooth mixture will be formed.
• When it is thick, add ghee & cook. After 20-25 minutes, it will not stick to the pan & it will leave the sides and ghee.
• Mix almond and walnut & take out & spread it in a dish evenly & cut into the desired shapes like diamond or square pieces.
• Garnish with pistachios & almonds.

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Reviews on Multani Sohan Halwa Recipe

Long time ago i was eated multani sohan Halwa when my Maternal grandmother come from Lahore and like it and try to make it after eating and i’m very glad to make it thanks
Saima - Lahore 2/12/2016 12:50:59 AM
I purchase all the nuts and other ingredients which is necessary for the preparation of Sohan Halwa because I want to make it in the home for that I prefer this recipe of sohan halwa.
Shumaila - khi 2/15/2016 5:22:44 AM
I tried your recipe today.. I followed your full recipe but it didn't work out well. I wonder I just followed your complete recipe, how come it turned out so bad. Anyway I like your cooking but my first attempt didn't turn well yet hoping best for the next.
reema - khi 3/16/2016 9:36:49 AM
Aslam o Alaikum. .I have tried this recipe. .it's just awesome. .it's really worked. .my family especially my kids enjoyed it too much. .and I myself was very much happy that it worked..though I didn't put the coco powder it was cream color at the end..and instead of lemon salt I have used lemon juice and even I didn't used the glucose..yet it was so rightly made...
Urooj - karachi 3/27/2016 3:09:06 AM
My elder sister make multani sohan halwa in the same way. I also want to make Sohan halwa that’s why I browse the recipe of Sohan halwa on this page. I will definitely try this sweet dish.
ainy - khi 5/2/2016 8:35:45 AM
Cooking is my passion, and this is something that I never get bored of. I have recently tried Multani Sohan Halwa recipe posted here. Thanks for making it possible for me to get hold of it.
Farzana - khi 6/3/2016 7:23:14 AM
My cooking skills are extremely poor, and I really don’t know how to cook delicious food. In order to learn cooking, I have started to check out the recipes online for the help. I have recently found this Multani Sohan Halwa Recipe and it looks tempting and yummy to me.
Mehwish - Karachi 3/28/2017 2:00:15 AM
One of the things that Multan, Pakistan is known for is it's Multani Sohan Halwa, a sticky, nutty and sweet halwa dessert that is rich and absolutely delicious.
rani - gujrat 3/29/2017 10:40:32 PM
Give your cooking a twist by making Sohan Halwa at home to surprise your family. Garnish it and preserve in an air tight jar.
tabrez - karachi 4/5/2017 12:40:32 AM
Multani Sohan Halwa , a sticky, nutty and sweet halwa dessert that is rich and absolutely delicious. is one of the lovely sweet Dish I have tried and after tasting it's really unique taste and make at home it at last monday.I want make my family and that make it so good and delicious taste as everyone like to eat.
Arisha - Multan 9/24/2018 1:14:21 AM

Multani Sohan Halwa Recipe

Multani Sohan Halwa Recipe – Multani Sohan Halwa is popular traditional dessert of Indo Pak subcontinent. Multani Sohan Halwa is prepared by boiling a mixture of sugar, milk, water, and corn flour until it becomes solid. Ghee is used to prevent it from sticking to the pan. Saffron is used for flavoring. Almonds, pistachios and cardamom seeds are added to give it a perfect traditional taste. Multani Sohan Halwa is traditionally made as circular disc. The popular Hafiz Halwa shop in Multan is known for making Sohan halwa that is sold across the country. You can access the mouthwatering Multani Sohan Halwa Recipe online from this page. Don’t miss out any ingredient while preparing it, so make sure you note down all of them. Prepare this recipe at home and do let us know how it actually turned out!