Religious intolerance in Pakistan

(Shariq Abbas, Karachi)

Since past few decades it has been noticed that religious intolerance has been increasing in Pakistan. Especially the recent situation arises after the attempt to amend the blasphemy law has created many controversies and had widened difference between representatives of different sects. Now the point comes what has raised this difference between sects and has caused religious intolerance to be increased to unbearable limits.

This religious war started somewhere in early 1970's when for the first time the Ahmedi (the qadyani group ) were declared non Muslims in 1972 constitution. Here, the fact cannot be denied that before 1972 Ahmedi's were not only identified as Muslims but few ahmedi's considered themselves to be most promising and practicing Muslims. But the constitution of 1972 left many reservations unanswered. Ahmedi's were not only declared non Muslims or kafir but were also allowed to be killed by few controversial ulema's.

Continuing the journey, we do not hesitate in declaring others as kaafir or non Muslims in this holy land. It will not be wrong if we said that Pakistan was continuously producing kaafir's in different shapes and turned out to be a 'kaafir factory'.

Once again, now the similar wave started for shia community and they were declared 'kaafir' and 'murtid' by few religious clerics. Shia's were also allowed to be killed in the country by similar group of aalims. The wave spreaded all over the country and is still continued, as number of Shia doctors and engineers were martyred brutally in different parts of Pakistan. The story of Kaafiristan does not stops here and several persons were murdered and killed after they were declared as non Muslims or blasphemous including the high profile murder case of Governor Punjab Mr Salman Taseer.

Now, here comes the point that who is the utmost authority to declare you as a Muslim, the answer is quite interesting that " no one but yet every one" , as since past few decades declaration of kaafir's, non Muslims and blasphemous has risen to much extent and instead of government of Pakistan , each and every mullah of different sects are busy on passing these type of idiotic fatwa's without even understanding the true essence of Islam. Several non muslims have been declared as non muslims that have resulted in their death. Not only this , but representatives of opposite sects continuously fight over small issues on television screens and on social media.

What can be done to hinder this rising intolerance in our religious followers, who consider themselves as a true Muslim? Should the influence of these so called mullah's be minimized, and religious scholars must take the lead to promote peace and harmony among Muslims sects as well as with other religion as this war of religion must stop now. Or, we should seriously think over changing the name of Pakistan from "Islamic republic of Pakistan” to" Peoples republic of Pakistan". As, this move will also boost the confidence of other religious communities residing in the country.


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