New Year Resolution

(Prof. Mansoor A. Nasir, London)

Another year of our life in this world has come to an end. We are stepping into a new year heading slowly toward a new world more beautiful, more peaceful and more serene than this world. We have no idea when and how we will be able to see our God our Lord of the Day of Judgment, but we are confident that He is Merciful, Gracious and Forgiving.

This world, this earthly life is also beautiful. God has created eye-catching and bewitching scenes all around us. He has bestowed innumerable blessings on us in the shape of parents, relatives, friends, children, wealth, health and many many more. But alas! we have been very unthankful to Him. We remained absorbed in running after more wealth, better status and unending luxuries forgetting that one day we will have to leave all these worldly gains and present ourselves in the Court of our God empty-handed.

The biggest sin we are committing is our hatred and contempt for our fellow beings. We, with our wrong notion and unreasonable perception of religion, have made this world ‘a vast vale of tears’ where religion with its numerous sects playing havoc with human life and honour. We are killing one another in the name of God to seek His mercy and an elegant place in the heaven. How paradoxical conviction it is that we are sowing thorns to cultivate roses!

Our minds are being polluted and contaminated by the ignorant Mullah. These satanic minds have made religion their ladder to reach and achieve their personal interests and worldly pomp and show. They are misguiding us by narrating to us concocted stories and luring us imperceptibly to killing and plundering other people who belong to different religions or sects in order to go to heaven.

This is against the teachings of Islam. The essence of our religion is love and peace created by following Moral Norms. Love, justice, truthfulness, compassion, loyalty, generosity, dignity, restraint, politeness, friendliness, devotion to duty, discipline, equality, care of the aged, helping one’s relatives, regard for neighbours, loyalty to friends, aiding the weak, the destitute and the orphans, and nursing the sick are some of the qualities that help us endear ourselves to our God.
So our New Year Resolution should be
Follow Moral Norms
To live in peace and let others live in peace


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