Security Guards ; The Life Rangers

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Security guards and private security officers work in a highly visible profession. They play an important role in the protection of property, people, equipment, money, etc.) from a variety of hazards (such as waste, damaged property, unsafe worker behavior, criminal activity such as theft, etc.) by using preventative measures. Security guards do this by maintaining a high-visibility presence to deter illegal and inappropriate actions, looking (either directly, through patrols, or indirectly, by monitoring alarm systems or video surveillance cameras) for signs of crime or other hazards (such as a fire), taking action to minimize damage (such as warning and escorting trespassers off property), and reporting any incidents to their clients and emergency services (such as the police or paramedics), as appropriate.

Security officers are generally uniformed to represent their lawful authority to protect private property. Security guards are generally governed by legal regulations, which set out the requirements for eligibility (e.g., a criminal record check) and the permitted authorities of a security guard in a given jurisdiction. The authorities permitted to security guards vary by country and sub national jurisdiction. Security officers are hired by a range of organizations, including businesses, government departments and agencies, educational institutions, banks and not-for-profit organizations (e.g., churches and charitable organizations).

Security officers also perform access control at building entrances and vehicle gates by ensuring that employees and visitors display proper passes or identification before entering the facility. Security officers are often called upon to respond to minor emergencies and to assist in serious emergencies by guiding emergency res ponders to the scene of the incident and documenting what happened on an incident report. In case of armed security officers, often they are required to respond like police officers until situation is under control and / or proper authorities arrive on the scene.


Security guards are required to carry arms like pistol and other weapons in case their job demands them to do so. For example, a guard who is supposed to protect a bank will carry arms. This may become risky for him and he should know when to make use of it. He must also not allow any person to come close to him.
“We keep our guns loaded because incident can happen anytime but as being a school guard I never needed to use it”-(school guard’s statement)

Security guards work at many events like concerts and live performances where they are required to protect a celebrity and also control the crowd. There may be a situation where some over-enthusiastic fans try to harm the celeb or even create some violence. The security person has to keep his cool and react in such a situation in the best way so as to control it. But there is certainly a major chance that he may get injured in the process.


As security officials, there is a lot riding on these individuals. They may be misunderstood at times either by the general public if they are trying to control them and use some force or also some higher authorities in case they are trying to maintain the discipline and give them certain directions which will be for their own good.
“Some people judge us, as and on a lower level position, so majority people do not respect us”-(statement of a security guard of a shopping mall)

The security personnel risks their life too since in their profession, they are required to protect people and property from criminals. These miscreants may harm the security people and their life may also be at risk while giving protection. When they choose this profession, they risk their lives forever.

The duty of a security guard may be full time or half time. But according to their hard work and full time risky duty their wages are really low. It is big duty of risking own life. According to this they must be provided good pay so that they work with more honesty and responsibly.
“I am 37 years old and I am working here for more than two years. I am doing 9 hours job a day and my salary is 16k. I have family and children. This salary could help me to make out for whole month so do extra job”-(statement of a security guard of a university)

Being in the profession of security can be a lot and can mean different things to different people. It can be rewarding, challenging and also satisfying in a lot of ways. For those with some sort of military or police training, it can mean a lot of satisfaction and pride in being in this field. The security guards, to get the job are required to possess many skills and should be on the vigil the whole time. They have to be well-built and alert at all times and have to ensure the protection of whatever they are safeguarding at all times.
"A security guard can be nothing but a life saver"

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