Let’s Make Our Children Ready To Compete The World

(Salma Ali, Islamabad)

Human development is a critical process that needs attention, proper guidance, and scaffolding from adult for optimal learning and development. Therefore, it is crucial both for parents and teachers to comprehend and understand the developmental needs of the children, demand of the era and work accordingly for their knowledge and skill enhancement.

This is an era of technology leading the learners towards space. Hence, to help the learners achieve such goals, the school should focus on 21st century core competencies and provide a platform to the learners for best learning.

School is a platform that builds life skills, unleash the hidden potential of the students and prepare them to compete in this global environment. Many successful countries such as China, Finland, South Korea and Singapore realized the demand of the era and worked on their education system and schooling. They broaden their curriculum and identify and trained out of box thinkers pedagogue and andragogue.

China and Finland are considered as an education powerhouse. The reason behind such success is the education system, schools and highly qualified teachers. These countries never compromise on quality and provide equal access to good schooling. They pay individual attention to the students who are not good in some subjects. They also make use of the latest technologies to keep their students updated.

Today after reading about above-mentioned countries schooling system, I clearly see the burning issues of my country and the reason of down fall. One of a major issue of our education system is class differences. We have three different systems for; poor, middle and high-class children with different standard curriculum. The second is untrained & less qualified teachers. It is a general perception in our society that if you cannot do anything become a teacher as it is one of a profession that easily adjust such people. Thirdly the high fees, that is out of the reach of common person. Last but not the least the mindset of school owners that consider education as business and not a profession.

School is a place that provide learning environment for holistic development. Every single person in Pakistan opens a school as a business investment to earn money. Such mind sets are playing with the future of this nation. The students of such schools get degrees but fail to explore themselves and contribute accordingly.

I appreciate the mathematical minds of such school management. They have excellent mathematicians who know how to increase fee in percentages but fails in knowing the psychology of a child and identify his/her inner abilities. They know how to decrease expenses but fail to identify and hire competent and potential teachers. They are providing quality material but lack quality interaction. That’s why every second we are losing great intellectuals by not identifying their needs and giving them chance to explore their inner abilities and potential.

Lack of knowledge and skills of the teachers also badly affects the quality of education system. Todays’ teachers are busy in making tough IQ questions to measure the intellect of the learners but fail to identify the inner potential. They give presentations on different theories but lack implementation.

Still schools are playing the same role, busy in blame game. During PTMs they boldly blame the child and the parents, but don’t reflect on their role and impact. Still they punish children for not doing homework or bad writing but are not ready to change their own practices and approach. They are generating parrots who are good in memorizing the knowledge without understanding and clear concepts.

The teachers and schools try their level best to steal smiles from the students faces in the name of discipline and obedience. They at the end of the day release the students from cage with heavy homework’s. Resultantly, instead of enjoying the learning process students are developing stress. There is no attraction for the students in school.

Richard Dufour nicely says, “the fundamental purpose of school is learning, not teaching”. Schools should change their practices and focus on 21st century core competencies (Citizenship, Creativity and Imagination, Critical Thinking and problem solving, Digital literacy, Leadership and Personal Development) to make our children ready to compete the world.

The schools should learn from the best practices of different counties and try to apply it accordingly. School management should never compromise with quality and hire qualified and competent teachers. Further they should allocate some budget for their professional development. Besides, teachers should give equal attention to all children and extra time to those who needs extra support.

Moreover, Govt should develop a standardized curriculum and a policy that bound Govt and private schools to use the same standard curriculum so every child whether poor or rich can get quality education in same standard schools. Govt should restrict the private schools with fee structure and bound them to provide quality education with minimum fee. School owners instead of taking it as a business, should take it as a cause to change the nation. If we want our nation to raise and shine we must work on our education system.

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آپ کی رائے
Wonderful articulation of an important issue of education and education system. I will be very happy if you can influence policy makers to address these issue and plan for the betterment of society in their future policies.
By: Bashir Ahmad , Gilgit on Jan, 10 2018
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