Harmful impacts of Pollution on human life

(Fazal Rahim Awan, Haripur Hazara)

Increasing and speeding waste of plastic

Over population is a major reason of poverty, and poverty is the base of various social harms, it also Increases illiteracy rates, huge quantity of child labors and different environmental problems .After shifting of many people from rural to urban areas, also migration of thousands numbers of people from Afghanistan to Pakistan, cities and towns have been filled by the houses and colonies because everyone needs to build his own house live in it or give it to other needy on rent. Due to lack of disposable yards, empty plots selected by the people for the throwing away the wastes. I would like to write on some basic information about this pollution and its harmful effects on the life of human. Some products loss their existence after decay .There are also some products which do not have capacity to decay/dissolve. Sawdust grass and gums etc. absorb in the soil and also used in the paper making that is while the paper loss its existence in the soil. The things which travel with the soil take the farm of fertilizer and leave a positive effect on the herbs and crops. The things made by plastic do not decay. In the past, when shoppers were not introduced, daily used items were placed in papers and papers are now disappeared. Even for the sale of tiny things, the use of shoppers became the part of our life because these are cheap. Now there is no a single house or office where there is no shopping bag. All efforts of environmental departments and government against shoppers have failed. Several daily used articles like vegetables, fruits, and even medicines are packed in these shoppers. A new practice has started after peeling off the vegetables; the peels are thrown away into the streets, empty plots and drains which give birth of bacteria and other germs. These germs travel find the human being and cause different diseases. Burning of this material brings chemical pollution, which is also harmful for humans. In the cities we can see heaps of this material far and wide. You would have often seen the groups of children collecting the useful things from the heaps of useless items. They collect the irons and papers from the heaps and sell these to scrape dealers but they never pick up because they cannot sell the used shoppers. Secondly let’s talk about tetra pack, daily production of juice is in the millions, and these are also thrown away after use. The use of products which never decay has increased but nobody is paying a head to their harmful effects .So the problems for future generation have multiplied. Now I like to discuss about Industrial pollution. Factories are smiting the smoke day and night this smoke first enters into the air and then becomes the part of our body which we breathe. This may harm the local people. Moreover harmful chemical become the part of water and endanger the crops. The smoke by vehicles also increases the environmental pollutions. Thousands numbers of employee work in plastic factories, Instead of any expected suggestion about the banning of shoppers factory we have to think about the reuse of this material in the making and development of green products. The light itself consists of seven colors. Because of density all the colors settle down at the bottom except the blue which remains suspended in the space. Environmental pollution decreases the blue color which we can see in the sky, and it is called Ozone. It effects. It effects the seasons directly. It is known as climate change. Rain at improper times, floods, hot winters and cold summers also heavy snowfall are the part of this climate change. For control on increasing waste, roll of media is very important. In this regard I captured a pictured in May 2014 and after publication of this picture, all heaps of plastic material had removed by the local administration .If people do some efforts individually or collective waste material can be reduced.

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