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Justice- A word that has always shattered hopes of common man in Pakistan. The less privileged people running to seek it are time and again threatened to the point of silencing them leading to a shaky law and order system that has given rise to a number of unforgivable as well as unforgettable heinous crimes.

Over the years, people have been subjected to these brutal acts that have reached its ultimate level of inhumanity, with innocent people, especially women being traumatized for life at the hands of men unable to handle rejection or in the name of honor or rich who mindlessly kill individuals in order to quench their thirst for adventure. These blood thirsty creatures have grown up in an environment that holds no regard for human life turning them into animals who believe they are at liberty to ruin someone else’ life and continue to do so while most are even unfortunately fortunate enough to escape our flawed legal system either by silencing the victims’ family or intimidating them with their power.
Many such cases can be quoted such as the Qandeel Baloch case, the woman who was continuously mocked on social media and demeaned on regular basis, that left her brother with no choice but to kill her in the name of honor, or the case of Fakhra Younus, the woman estranged from her husband and thrown acid on. One other case can be the Shahzeb Khan murder case, where the culprit who was given life sentence has been released on bail and many similar cases, to which one may question whether these people were killed for a purpose, despite having no right, in ANY circumstance or the need to exhibit manliness or feudal powers took over.

However, it is depressing as well as infuriating to see the justice system not taking a firm stand and giving these perpetrators exemplary sentences they deserve or any punishment at all. Whereas it is always the less powerful whose pleas goes unheard, in most cases not taken care of and ignored as the corrupt system falls prey to these influential people.

It is a shame to see how on one hand it is the terrorists attacking people while on the other hand, we have these criminals roaming freely, ruthlessly killing with the law system having their back, being their shield/

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By: Muhammad Ali Khan, Karachi on Feb, 20 2018
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