(Afreen Fatima Jaffery, Karachi)

 Language is the source of communication and communication is the tool for interacting with people in everyday life. It is the means for perception. English language may be a foreign language but it is international because of its significance. This is the most common language in most parts of the worlds and keeps us connected with the whole universe.

The importance of English language nowadays cannot be ignored. Either we go to Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Australia or North or South poles we will definitely find someone who knows English. This has also become a language of media. Our official language is also English. In 1985 it was only in private schools now more efforts are being made for the progress of this language in our country.

Scope of English is also very large. We can see that nowadays almost every field demands English. Companies welcome those candidates who are fluent in it and possess a relevant qualification and skill set. However candidates who possess relevant qualification but are without proper language of English are rejected. A person has to be fluent in it and must know all the rules and regulations regarding this language.

English is a great trigger for increasing the self esteem of a person. A person who speaks English fluently is usually more confident as compared to the person who speaks it improperly.

In order to learn this language one has to get totally absorbed into it. Hanging out with people who speak English and also by watching English movies increases the vocabulary power. Thus this language plays a vital role in enhancing the overall personality of a person.

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