Salute the Chief Justice, Members of JIT and Media.

(Karamat Hussain Janjua, Islamabad)

Sir: To begin with, I salute the worthy Chief Justice of Pakistan for taking suo-motu notice of the daughter of the nation Zainab, so also the Members of the JIT and Media. Otherwise the people in the helm of authority would not have taken the gruesome murder of the innocent Zainab.

Being consistent with the law and practice of the Police being an Advocate, with heavy heart , I am inclined to say that the Official in the Police Station consisting of Moharar and Naib Moharar remain present in the police station and Police Posts since morning to 8 PM. SHOs remain absent. After 8 P.M. to 10 P.M. they usually come to Police Station. Sometimes SHOs and Additional SHOs do not come to Police Station for days together. The matter of kid-napping etc. even reported to the police they seldom take action. This fact can be adjudged from the cases pending under Section 22-B Cr.P.C. before the learned Sessions Court of the Province of Punjab and Islamabad Capital Territory. Parents of the victims are pressurized not to get register such like cases. In Zainab cases also it has come to light through media that the SHO concerned did not seriously took timely action when reported to him. This lethargic behavior of the SHO (Station House Officer) also speaks volumes in whose Police Station as many as twelve incidents had already taken place. In seven earlier cases DNA has matched with the accused namely Imran Ali son of Arshad , a person living within radius of 100 feet from Zainab House. Where was the Punjab Police when as many as similarly placed and similarly victims innocent girls commencing from 2015 and culminating in the gruesome murder of innocent Zainab. What were secret agencies and MUKHBAR doing during this period of more than three years. Salute to Dr. Muhammad Ashraf of Punjab Forensic Lab but nobody provided him samples of the prior victims daughters of the nation who also met the same fate. Chief Minister should and must take action against the Station House Officers who remained posted in the police station concerned at the relevant period and also should know about their wealth and assets. They are not fit people to remain in police service and should be weeded out forthwith, because they are aides and abettors of such like criminals.

Untiring efforts of all concerned are praise worthy but it was/is right of all the victims to trace the serial killer. Clipping ceremony should not have been celebrated in the manner as shown on media. This is high time to formulate a policy and set up a website to report such like crime on provincial level and not to police station. Such like incidents should not be repeated again. Please save the people from highhandedness of SHOs. When predecessor-in-office of DPO Kasur can direct the relatives of innocent Zainab to arrange for Rs.10,000/- as sweets for the policemen, who traced her dead body what can one expect from SHO who are usually promoted from Constable to ASI and them SI etc.

I hope the politicians and government officials who love boasting of their fake performance, will now realize their guilt of neglecting their duty. Being Chief Executive of the Province , C.M. Shahbaz Sharif should not have asked the officers to stand up and clap on this occasion. There was no occasion to clap on.

If it is established from credible evidence that these heinous crime were committed by the accused Imran , he should be stoned to death, if not possible, or atleast hanged till death in open place.

I humbly appeal to the worthy CJP to kindly monitor the trial of the case through effective manner. The Chief Minister should also set a punitive example of this open violation of law with impunity for the nation to see and Police to realize its national responsibility of taming policemen involved in illegal activities, including frequent violence of Police Rules and provisions of Cr.P.C. Sweets and illegal-gratification should not be demanded from parents of such like victims. All Policemen should be withdrawn from VIPs and only brave persons should be VIPs, if possible.

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