Life as an exchange student

(Yasir Safdar, Faisalabad)

Global Ugrad

The purpose of exchange program is only to encourage young and energetic people to show their leadership skills, culture and traditions to the people of other countries. This article is going to cover the basic details about my exchange program on which I went to USA which include its educational, personal employment benefits. In this article, I will share my experience with the youth of Pakistan about an exchange program on which, I went to USA and studied there for one semester at Otero Junior College. It is an undergraduate exchange program called as Global Ugrad Pakistan. This is a fully funded program funded by US Department of States and it covers the all the expenses during your stay at United states. The basic goals of this program are to improve student’s knowledge about professional skills which will be helpful to them during their Career and also to involve youth to engage for the better development of their communities and societies.

The main purpose of this program is to share culture of Pakistan with the people of United States of America and also learn about their culture too to promote message of peace and creating harmony among two different nations. In the beginning when I heard about this program, it was like how an ordinary really can go to USA at the level of its undergraduate degree. But, I met with people who went on exchange programs and they tell me about their stories and exchange experience during their stay in USA and I listened to them and get inspired that if they can go, I can also go. I applied for the program and got selected. It provided me a great chance to learn and adopt new cultures. I was an introvert and shy person before going to USA on this exchange program, somehow, I managed to get selected in this program and went on this exchange program and it changes my life. I developed leadership skills, becomes an extrovert person. During your stay in USA as an exchange student a host family be allocated to each exchange student with whom you can share your culture traditions and go out on weekend and have fun. Besides this, I also get a chance to get interact with many international students from other countries too which gives me so much international exposure and also helps me to improve my communication and also give me a chance to learn about cultures and traditions of other countries.

The application procedure of this exchange program starts from Oct-Nov every year and more than 200 students from different universities of Pakistan got selected to visit different institutes of USA as an exchange student among different states. The students in the 3rd and 4th year of their bachelor degree can apply for this program. All the application procedure will be online with submission of required documents like transcripts, previous education degrees, certificates etc. the main part of the online application is statement of purpose called as SOP is very important. Before applying you have to focus on your personal statement and have to improve it with writing it from the beginning. Personal statement is actually being to describe your personality, present and future goals and describe why you want to go as an exchange student. This exchange program is fully funded and it covers board, flight tickets, college or university fee, books, stationary and enough stipend for a month. I will encourage the youth of Pakistan to go for this opportunity and grab it to bring a twist and change in your life.

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