Black Banners

(Qurrat-ul-ain Nasir, karachi)

I am not saying that iran is going to be attacked soon I’m not saying that it will go to war but its very likely that it will go to war so that the forces of the mujahideen from Afghanistan will be able to walk through into Al-Quds unhindered supporting the mujahideen in their way until they reached Al-Quds and they defeat the Zionists this is what happening before us are we not awake are we not realizing this? Aren’t we taking head of the promise of the Prophet ﷺ ?

And realizing whats happening before us today? Do you think that we’re really that far from the each times?

History is repeating it self we say that during the crusades the holy land “Al-Sham” Al-Quds was occupied by the crusades central Asia “Baghdad “ occupied by the Mangols what happening today exactly the same thing.

History repeating its self Al-Quds is occupied by the Zionists central asia Afghanistan Baghdaad is being occupied by the Americans history is repeating it self and just is they would defeat it the force of the crusades of the Zionists today will be defeated except this defeat is going to leads to the greatest fitnah that any of us have ever seen realize dear brother and sisters that we’re living these these times that all of Al-sham is fighting you find that many of ahadeeth specifically told you of what going to happen you find some of the weak ahadeeth they’re not”

Saheeh “ but the weak ahadeeth that says : some one from Bani Qalb” some one from Bani Qalb is going to oppress the muslims And he will be ferocious in oppressing them who knows what tribe Bashaar Al-Asad Belongs to? What tribe does he belongs to we don’t know, we are asleep, he belongs to Bani Qalb why do we think that we are not living in these times,its our own ignorance that makes us unaware of these things that Prophet ﷺ told us :
That the Black Banners will br raised, is it befitting therefore we hide behind any other banner?

That we fly the Flag of Palestine handing hand with the socialist in the communist? Thinking that they going to grant us victory ! Allah will grant us victory! March behind the banners of tawheed march behind the banners of true mujahideen of the ummah grant them your support and make dua for them, for they will be the one’s who will grant victory to this ummah and realize that just as the crusades fought us and we were weak heroes of ummah stood up Ibn-e-Tayzmiyyah رحمتہ اللہ Saif-ud-deen Qutuz, Noor-ud-deen, Noor-ud-deen Zanki, Salahudeen Ayubi. The heroes will Arise from ummah today we see many of them among us today in this ummah rise and be part of this don’t fall asleep we are in these times.

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