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The Organization RED YOUTH started a campaign with young energetic writers hailing from different media house along with future of Pakistan from many universities gather for a Nobel cause to clean Karachi, titled Hum Karachi.

The Moto RED YOUTH is they own Sindh and work for Karachi they always come up with creative ideas. As the Chairman Hamza ghazi said "We are here to oblige the liberal point of view. Through helping dynamic activists on an assembled stage propelled to conflict with the horrible phonetic and ethnic divisions that are looked by our region specifically prompting radicalism in Sindh, the Red Youth Movement is attempting to feature and set up a positive picture of Sindh, especially Karachi. Red Youth will endeavor to end the conflict with the traditional media and proliferation of a negative picture of Karachi and the region including that Red Youth will perceive the issues that are implanted in the center of the general public and they will work to recognize the problems that are embedded in the core of the society and they will work to address and solve these on a local scale.

The started point was Hydery Market where Red Youth's group awareness regarding cleanliness others to take part in cleaning the particular territory and this as well as mindfulness in regards to tidiness will likewise be imparted.

All leading stake holders political leaders including Dr Farooq Sattar , Senator Maula Baksh chandio, MNA Mr. Asif visited and taken part in campaign by cleaning heaps of garbage along with red youth and the president of Hyderi Market association and also representatives from Rickshaw union at camp reputable citizens visited the camp and appreciated Red Youth’s work.

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