Non Tolerance Of Non Muslims

(Akram Saqib, Sahiwal)

All over the world the Muslims are being slaughtered,displaced and decimated yet only admonition comes from the non Muslims that Muslims must be tolerant and non violent. It is world wide taboo to call non Muslim terrorists or extremists. The world media playing in the hands of Jews and all other Non Muslims is leading the people towards the same taboo. Only Muslims are painted and pointed as extremists ,terrorists and non- tolerant. Each and every person either he belongs to Europe ,America Non Muslim Africa or Asia repeats the same jargon. If a non Muslim commits suicide attack it is termed as lunatic attack or shoot out and if same is done by a so called Muslim(such Muslims are bought and are made to play in the hands of foreign agencies and secret services) it is called a terrorist act and within no time the world talks about the nonchalant behavior of Muslims without knowing facts. There are many evidence that non Muslims themselves incited arson,bomb blasts and suicide attacks to get covert aims.

Every where in the world the propagandists are defaming the Muslims in the name of terrorism. But the reality and facts are quite opposite to it.

Who is under attack all over the world?

It is the Muslim and the Muslim only who is being thrashed ,mobbed ,robbed and killed. Either it is America,England,France,Germany or any other European country,the Muslim are in difficulty to save their honor and life. They are stabbed on the way,they are crushed by vehicles and above all are spitted hate and anger if the non Muslim get a chance and chance they get easily in their countries.

NATO forces are killing the Muslims

If we cast a cursory glance at the map of the world and return our eyes ,they get only one glimpse everywhere and that is the killing of the Muslims.NATO and its Allied forces are in charge of this heinous crime against humanity. There are some secret reasons behind all the attacks on the Muslims but NATO forces and its allies call and name it war against terrorism. No body ,no state and no leader except ٓاردگان has raised a voice in this regard. In middle east and Afghanistan the peace is being restored by committing atrocities against Muslims,by decimating them and by acting upon the policy of ethnic cleansing.

What have people of Afghan done to USA? What harm they had done to NATO forces? Only one thing that they want their own way of life. Why is the champion of liberalism and democracy then stopping them from living their own life according to their own ideology?

Clash of civilization is behind all this black work.


Where ever the peace forces are sent ,they side with the non Muslims and help them to wipe out the Muslims from that territory. In Egypt,Lebanon,Yemen,Libya Sudan,Somalia and now in Syria the same game is being played.

The Palestine and Kashmir were two major issues of the Muslims still pending in the UNO. The issue of East Timur was solved within days.

Who Is Behind Shia Sunni Strife?

only the West has blown the hot air of hate and has created rift between Sunni and Shias. On the one side Iran is their strategic friend and overtly she is the worst enemy of the USA. Then Saudi Arabia is playing in the lap of USA friendship but in fact she is being used by the west. Iran and Saudis are put against each other. Iran has its own overt aims to rule over the Muslim World and Saudi are also in the same situation. They are fighting proxy wars for USA everywhere in Middle Eat. When West and USA claimed the end of Usama and Alqaida ,they need an other issue to subordinate Muslims and they created ISIS and used the issue of Sunni Shia clash.


Nobody paid heed to Myanmar atrocities against Rohingia Muslims till a large number was killed. Among millions of Burman Muslims ,tens of thousnads have been killed and the rest is displaced and hiding for their life from non Muslim extremists. The World kept at Mum about the terrorism of Non Muslims of Myanamar,Why?


In India there is a constant genocide of the Muslims in the hands of Non Muslim terroists and Extremists, On all the Muslim festivals especially thousands of Muslims are killed. India is never put to account for these misdeeds. Why?

Sri Lanka.

The recent wave against Muslims was blown in Sri Lanka by Indian intelligence, hundreds are told but they would be thousands in the hands of Non Muslims. It was not an act of terrorism? Are the non muslim tolerant all over the world?


O the people of the world ,the colour of blodd of human being is same. No religion prohibits others to live on earth but Non Muslims have learned this fine art to eliminate the Muslims. I appeal to all the sages of the time and especially the Non Muslims to make intellectual efforts to make this world a safe place to live. Everywhere Non Muslims are killing the Muslims and still crying wolf. The Non Muslim need such education as would make them to tolerate Muslims. Muslims are very loving people if they are allowed to love.

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