Slow Construction in Karachi

(Vaneeza Hameed, Karachi)

I want officials to focus on a major issue by the mean your newspaper the roads of Karachi are very intense and they are in dire need of attention good and spacious roads are the right of every citizen that they pay all axes regularly so not being good for roads is injustice with them. The roads are near to me due to two basic reasons one thing is that the material used in the construction of roads is non-standard out of which the roads will soon be broken down quickly and create difficulties for the citizens and the second main reason for road acceleration is our drainage system due to lack of good water management, the water stands on the roads and that’s why the roads begin to weaken soon and eventually it becomes completely weary due to the drought of roads, the public vehicles are also very harmful and people are suffering from so so many accidents because of these days the day body is increasing the weary roads are proof of the disability of the government Recently we see the Punjab chorangi the construction work are very much slow and the public face big issue regarding these if the development work started it’s good but must be different measures for public transport buses are going to the streets due to these dangerous accidents are happened all over these. There is main point to be calculated the completeness of construction work on time because the bus drivers also paly negligence role on that in traffic jam bus drivers late and they drive the bus very high speed this is also a big issue regarding this I would be humble requesting for government and the concern authorities should take prompt step to come this problem and gives release to the people of this metropolitan

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