Helping others is a great job

(Dr Zahoor Ahmed Danish, Karachi)

We are social animal .Every person relate to others . Everyone has a relationship with others.

Every human being is incomplete without having to belong to others.That is, in the same way we can live on the way of life.That's what we can help each other.

Dear Reader :
Know about helping others.I will tell you about ways to please take attention here.

Listen to the needy:
Lending an ear to someone in need is a great way to offer your help and support.

Provide the items in the house to others
If you have things around the house that you’re no longer using you can donate them..

Educate others:
Dear you have no money to donate others .but you are educated. So educteand informothers . If youknow what skills, learn them skills.

Start a non-profit organization:
One way to provide facilities to the peopleis none profit organization .Some households can take advantage of it.

Welfare organization:
If you are economically settled and have influence so build welfare organization .I observe charities are a great way to help others and give back.I founded Kashmir Welfare Trust .Let's tell you in the light of this experience.

Small Attraction Work:
Everyone can use a helping hand with chores. Ask friends, family members, or neighbors if they need help tackling something around the house. Cutting the grass, raking the leaves, preparing meals for a senior or disabled person etc.

Give others importance:
The joy you get for helping others comes in seeing the smile on their face.So give others importance .

Volunteering is often the “go to” for those who want to help others.

Dear Reader :
The matter is not over here. (Helping others is a great job)about this tipic I can write lot of pages .Me opinion is that help others and get reward from ALLAH.
The Prophet (صلیاللہعلیہوآلہوسلم) advised his Companions that ’Every good deed is charity’ (Hadith).

Dear Reader :
Therefore we must strive to increase our good deeds in whatever way we can inshaAllah.Remember me in your dua.Do not be late to help others.

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Ma Sha Allah
Great work Zahoor Bhai
By: Šâŕđår Zain, Rwp on Jun, 05 2018
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THANK YOU.I intend to spend in the way of AllahYour writing pleased the heart
By: ubaid ullah , bermingham uk on Apr, 04 2018
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