The Idea is Mightier than the Object

(Abdul Rehman Mir, Islamabad)

In the name of Allah Who is the Most Merciful and the Most Beneficent
Honorable Chief Guest, Respected President, Praiseworthy teachers, Trustworthy jury members and dear student fellows: اسلام علیکم

Today I have been given a golden opportunity to express my opinion and knowledge on the topic ‘The Idea is Mightier than the Object’’.

First of all, I would like to illuminate the meaning of the word ‘idea’; what is an idea? An idea is a purpose to accomplish a goal, an idea is an intention to do something, and an idea is a mental image of the object that an individual visualizes in his mind. Ultimately, an idea is an objective to achieve an object.

Dear audience, when we see around the modern world we can find tremendous innovations and changes everywhere. All those entities are objects that we can see. When we observe the real existence of a particular object then surely we may find an idea behind the object. Therefore, it is clear that idea comes first in the mind of the person who brings the idea into action and invents an object, constructs an object and builds up an object.

Dear audience, the beauty and authenticity of the object depends upon the idea we possess and develop in our mind. An idea creates vision and vision creates the image and the image shows the route and the rout leads us towards the right destination and goal. Without an idea we cannot even perform an action. A teacher teaching in class has an idea, a pilot flying an airplane has an idea, an engineer working in his office has an idea, an artist busy in his masterpiece has an idea, a cook cooking delicious food has an idea, and every individual working on various tasks has ideas in his or her mind. In fact, they all are putting their ideas into action. But it is necessary to consider that the beauty and authenticity of the idea depends upon the individual who owns it.

Dear audience, I would like to share a visionary story with you about an idea. There was a vast land near a river and near the river there was a village where every person was poor, every home was starving in famine and every individual was just taking helpless breath. Once, there came a man with an idea to help the poor villagers, to show them a track towards prosperous life. He called upon all the villagers and took them to the vast land near the river and asked them to construct water channels to the land. They all spent days and nights on the land. Ultimately, the vast land was watered, fruitful trees were planted and marvelous buildings were constructed for the poor villagers. They started prosperous and new life after an idea was put into action.

Dear audience, the visionary personalities of Pakistan had an idea to establish a separate nation for the Muslims of the subcontinent. Their houses were burnt by the Hindus, their property was occupied by the Hindu majority but their idea could neither be burnt nor be occupied because an object can be destroyed but the idea behind the destructed object rebirths with renovation and zest that it ultimately reconstructs and rebuilds the object with everlasting existence.

Last but not the least; I would solemnly declare that ‘The idea is mightier than the object’. When the object vanishes, the idea comes to exist, when the object is destroyed, the idea is reconstructed. The object can be lost and stolen but the idea can neither be lost nor be stolen because ‘The idea is mightier than the object.’
Thank you all.


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