The Over-Use of Mobile and Internet is very hazardous to children’s health

(Naveed Ahmed, Karachi)

The present century, we can simply say the century of the computer technology. Meanwhile, computer, internet and other electrical devices have become a part of our lives very quickly. They have been used as an inevitable element in our life.

Technology is around all the people no matter older or younger. Now, without them life feels limited. Almost everybody has a mobile phone, even so many children prefer to play with a smart phone, and it is surprising to see that these kids use cell phones faster and more efficiently. Actually everything kids play is somehow related to electrical devices. Such as computer games, PlayStation, Xbox, iPod etc. they are introduced to computers in the beginning of a childhood schooling.

Teaching poems to the children in nursery classes are taught by showing televisions inserting CDs and DVDs in it. To play games, they prefer computer games or playing games in PlayStation or Xbox, that's why a child no longer prefers to play outdoor games. Experts believe that the children who plays outdoor games like cricket, football, basketball etc. in their early ages, in the future they are mentally and physically healthy.

Not only this, but now even a modern Quran has been introduced, children, teenagers or old people all are using digital Quran (e-Quran) to hear the recitation of the Quran. This is a new and unique thing for them. In addition to this, unusual use of mobile phones is being used by elder and younger people. In fact, this little thing is the whole world for everyone.

The Internet has made cell phones more powerful. It is being used for many tasks, not only to talk on the phone, but to listen FM radios, SMS, online chats, take photos, make videos, and even utility bills can be paid through mobile phones. And now online shopping is also being done worldwide. That is why mobile phones are being used in a profound and infinite ways.

Indeed Internet and mobile phones etc. has made our lives easier, but there is a true fact that we are becoming lazier and slaughtered because of the unusual use of mobile phones. It is rightly said that the over-use of anything can be a harmful act, this is also true on the unusual use of Internet and cell phones. It is true that the mobile phones has made our lives very easy, it's the best way of communication and every time helps everywhere.

There are advantages of using it, but it is a part of the picture, we also need to look at the other side of the picture, its over-use is not only a waste time, but also a waste of money and electricity. The use of a mobile phone for children is also very harmful. They should not be near the mobile phone for a very long time, as experts say that the radius and waves exhausted from mobile phones have a negative impact on a child's mind, which lead to eye weakness and brain intensity. It will affect the growth of children’s organisms and will weaken their mind and the ability to think.

Whether a child or an elder person spending a lot of time on mobile phones and internet, we ignore other constructive activities that are important. Especially on the education of youth and children, it has a bad effect. Due to this, outdoor sports are being neglected, which are considered very important for a person’s health. In addition to this, due to outdoor games children remain healthy, active, brave and much stronger. Their mind strengthens and will power and ability to think innovatively increases.

Mothers need to be more afraid when their child is using too much Internet and mobile accessibility, and this is the fact that everyone knows that the Internet is a broad world where many websites containing all types of information are available. These websites are according to age and trend. The risk is when a child sees a website that is not suitable for his age, but if he is contrary seeing it, it is a sign of danger.

As a mother, you can do a favor for yourself and your family stop the over-use of mobile and internet and save your loved ones from the harm and danger. Set a time frame to use computers and mobile phones for children. If more time passes, stop them and encourage them. Admire the child to study, give them creative and informative books to read. After reading the book, talk about the content of the book. This will broaden their mind.

Tell to adopt another constructive design. Keep track of the websites your child is visiting, check out yourself what your child is downloading and from where he’s downloading. Well children should have information about mobile phones, computer and internet so that they are not completely isolated and are not cut off with their friends and the society, they should have knowledge about all the technology, but allow them to use for a limited time only. Always look at them, i.e. monitor them.

Keep kids connected to their relatives, sometimes take children to go meet their relatives and sometimes invite your relatives to your home, in this way children get along with their own age limit cousins, it becomes a good environment for them. Love is created among each other, children realizes the importance of relationships. You’ll see a lot of difference in a children's behavior, children who use too much mobile phones and internet, and the children who have limited access to a limited time.

Most children who use electric appliances more often becomes, violent, self-determination and self-aggression, while children using for a limited time are less evil than these. This is the matter of children's future. Stop them from the over-use of mobile phones and internet from today onwards. Make them study and read from books and make them play outdoor games, if you want your child to be healthy and for the sake of their future.


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