“Life is like race; You are what you are”

(Islam Mohmand, Peshawar)

Life is a kind of race you keep running you win. But what matters is that what do you want to make of yourself? If you wanna be like others running in the race then its good you go with them but if you want be the best then you have to beat the best one of the racers.Yes its pretty difficult to keep going sometimes in the race because of injuries and a lot more issues, same is the case with life some times people near you couldn’t bear your win, some times you think you can’t, some times you don’t have money, some times you don’t get support of people you have trust on. But it doesn’t mean you gonna stop trying because your failures and mistakes are meant to guide you not to stop you from what you are trying to achieve. At this point the all you need is to believe in yourself. People will try their best to drag you down, your hurdles won’t let you move onward but that’s the first step to success when you keep going no matter what. Look at the successful people of all time like Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln and a dozen more.Think, what made these people successful was their ability to kept going no matter what the scenario could be.
Two things will surely make you successful person:-
1) Consistency
2) Confidence

If you have trust on yourself and you are consistently working on achieving your target then believe me no force on earth and nothing can stop you from your aspiration. Your aspiration and your desire not even gonna let you take some sleep because its your inner wish, its what your heart wants. The conclusion is quit simple, You can do, you can get what ever you want but you have to keep going.You don’t need any body to motivate you, you are what you are.Make yourself motivation for others because turtle have always won the race from rabbit because of consistency and commitment.

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