Effects of social media on youth

(Ghazan khan, Islamabad)

Social media has made the world a global village for people of every age but effects our youth to a great extent. The question we need to ask our self is that is it causing distress to our daily life?

​These tensions and depressions are caused on quite a larger scale based on a number of sound reasons which are mentioned below: Social media is widely used by our youth to vent out their feelings but most of the times these are not feelings of relief rather releasing their stress out. This feeling is not because they are stressed in their real life but because the imaginative social life stressing them about their short comings instead of practically on it. Social media not only grabs your mental attraction but rather gives you a second fictional life and you intend to like that life more.

Time is of the essence and this should be practically implied in our lives but sadly due to immense use of social media they are not able to do anything. Social media is a key source of wasting time on unimportant stuff in life rather than working for it.

Social media can be really addictive when it comes to our youth since it can be quite stronger than drugs. Today’s youth can be seen with their eyes on the phone most times of the day which is a concerning moment for us. Tweeting or posting pictures on Instagram or Snap chat can be harder to resist for a person addicted to social media. Researchers from UK’s Nottingham Trent University have concluded that the addiction can be a mental sickness and that it needs to be treated professionally in order to avoid grave circumstances.

Self-Esteem is the crude substance of the personality of an individual but when this factor is meddled then it can be devastating for the mind. The concept of less weight and photoshopped models in Women’s magazine all around social media is stirring self-esteem issues among the young women. Similarly, it goes for the young men whose eyes are blind folded with the image of perfect bodies and lives. These reasons make our youth follow the immoral trends and mindsets of social media and in turn lose self-esteem from their hands. Another study has shown that social media users tend to compare other people’s selfies who look happy but it fluctuates their self-esteem.

Humans spend their whole day in the light and they need to rest their eyes in the evening but the use of mobile phones and laptops has stripped that away from us. It has disabled us from the production of hormones which relaxes the mind and the body. Our youth would rather stare at these phones in the night and be the victims of sleep deprivation. If a person lies on a pillow at night checking Facebook and Twitter so the blue light emitted by the phone can cause restless slumber.

Social media has created this hoax image of a social life in our phones. But this must be kept in mind that our life outside these phones is the real social life we need. It has been effecting our relationship with their friends that merely a single notification can interfere in a meaningful talk between two people.

“The best moments of our lives don’t make it to the social media”
I would conclude with these lines and try harder from now on to rather enjoy the moments in life than showing it to the world on social media.

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