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(Ammara Batool Rizvi, Islamabad)

The future of smartphones is folding. At least, that's what mobile companies think. The Mobile giant Samsung In its latest report, says it "will continue its efforts to differentiate its smartphones by adopting cutting-edge technologies, such as foldable OLED displays."

Researchers have made enormous achievements in the development of display technology over the past decade. Samsung is full steam ahead on making a foldable Galaxy phone. Although it isn't clear if that means the screen itself could fold -- there are other ways to make a phone "foldable", we now know that foldable displays are a major part of Samsung's mobile strategy.

Foldable displays seem to differ from flexible displays, which Samsung already uses in phones with curved screens like the Galaxy S9 and Note 8. Flexible displays can curve and bend, but don't currently fold. What Samsung is describing now is new technology. A foldable display in a foldable phone seems like the most logical fit. We suspect that Samsung has been waiting for the tech to match its ambitions, but that timetable keeps shifting. In early 2017, a Samsung Display representative said that "the commercialization of foldable smartphones will be possible in 2018."

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