Facebook or Fake Book

(Ahsan Amin, Peshawar)

As a Pakistani we think that the only source of informing your self is Facebook especially this perception is very common among the young generation and remember young people has more ratio than any other age of group in Pakistan and these people mostly informed them through social media.

This situation is very alarming for us because most of the knowledge on Facebook is generating by its own user. Facebook currently has 2.2 billion users and out of which 270 million are fake accounts admitted by Facebook which means that through these accounts any can create and transmit any type of knowledge and people will believe it and this is happening in Pakistan for years in 2016 Pakistan has 30 million users of Facebook and the number are keep growing.

Mark has accepted that and have evidence that lies were spread through this platform during U.S election campaign the company said that the Russia was behind this and had spent $10000 on the ads through which they have manipulate the voters and change their pattern of thinking through inauthentic accounts and pages. Facebook can influence in your decision making process and you will not even know that because it is related to your subconscious. So it is the responsibility of social media company to protect the integrity of upcoming election in Pakistan, India, and Brazil for this purpose Facebook owner has said we will hire 20000 new employees for the protection and privacy of our users.

Facebook has increased the socialization digitally but at what cost at the cost of our privacy we are not secure in even in our decision making process this what happen everything has its cost we have generated ninety percent of data in the last two years alone and current output of data is 2.5 quintillion bytes a day as the world is moving towards the adaptation of technology people are connected them self’s with more electronic gadgets and everything that we search on internet or share on social media shows which type of person are we and what is our thought process and then this data is used against us for manipulation.

This technology has given birth to new type of politics known as electoral politics which means that they politicians or other countries can use the social media as tool of mass destruction and can promote a particular person. This is against the concept of democracy, democracy means that every person has equal chance to become the representative of the masses and lead them. But if we change their decision through technology then people will become just puppets.

Social media sites are making huge amount of profit so it is necessary that they give something back to the society in term of privacy. Privacy is the only thing that user is concerned for if the social media is fail to provide that then it will raise the question on its self which in return followed by strong reaction. Privacy is a major concern for people of under developed and developing countries because the literacy rate is low there like if we take Pakistan whose literacy rate is 58%. Because the uneducated people will believe anything that will be show on media

So the purpose to write this article was that we must know that where the world is taking us if we don’t realize soon then a point will come from where there will no turning back, we have to raise the voice because over privacy is compromised and we are not free in our thought process and our decision are made by others and we just follow them without a slight clue like dummies.

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