Road accidents

(Anum farooq, Lahore)

Upon witnessing a road accident at Canal Metro Station, I felt a pang of grave concern about our own lives and the way we are wasting our energies in pseudo directions of road safety. Two young boys of almost 20 years of age, reached the signal with a flashing speed, got struck with a car correctly crossing its signal. Both youngsters, flung like a shopping bag and landed in a severe crash.

Such accidents take place regularly everywhere in the world where wheels run. Every accident has a history of cause is our own negligence towards following traffic rules. If the boy has been showing his epigenetic skills at some proper place everyone must have appreciated his skills, but in this case he was pitied with curses. This incident not only cast a heart ending impression on people’s minds but also struck their families with a wave of terrible concern. Life is a blessing of Almighty. I urge the concerned official to spread awareness that enlightens the grave dangers such acts can inflict upon innocent. Parents should also play their role to inspect their teenage children. It is our religious, national and humanitarian obligation.

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