Explode Yourself

(Kishwer Baqar, Karachi)


I don’t know what this feeling is… like something wants to explode in myself. Something which is under extreme pressure for a loooong time… something which is suppressed due to many complicated reasons!

It must have some name… some counselors, self-improvement gurus must have given this feeling a term... an expression… but I don’t know what it is called… However, I really know why it is in there in me...

I still remember a poetic verse which my elder sister read to me once and challenged me if I can correctly interpret it… I was in my teenage that moment and really interpret that in the funniest way possible (I will tell you in the end… I bet you will die laughing…)
It goes like:
SABZAY KO JAB KAHI JAGAH NA MILI When greenery could not get a place on land
BAN GAYA ROAYE AAB PAR KAAI It turned into fungus on the surface of water

…and now after so many years, when I am 33. These two lines echo in my mind every now and then. Here, greenery means your natural talents, the God gifted qualities in you, your passion and what you are made for. Now the meaning is very simple and clear:
“No matter how much you suppress yourself, whatever force you, how hard you try to control or ignore, your true passion and powers shall exhibit themselves in one way or the other … if not… then, a pressure will start building in you… a terrible feeling… unless you are over burdened and finally, without a choice explode like a volcano.

Don’t force a fish to fly and bird to swim. Pity yourself!

You have become an engineer because this narrow minded society believes that a boy should be an engineer and a girl a doctor. And later when you hate what you do, you want to burn all the industries into ashes, destroy every construction you design and kill every patient… hahahaha

Hold on… I know the reasoning “Beta! You will die of hunger if you won’t complete your engineering”
“… and you will never get married unless you are a doctor (for girls)”. Oh my goodness! So the owners of all our private bus services (W11, D7, F18 etc) are owned by engineers??? The chains of our traditional cloth shops from Rabi center to Dubai are all owned by MBAs from USA??? For ladies, every doctor wife knows how much her MBBS is contributing to her married life (no explanation required). It is another chootiyapa of our society, which believes that a Dish Washing MBBS wife is a symbol of pride and prestige (hahaha).

Honestly and unfortunately, we are trained and grown up like this. I am particularly talking about the middle class. We are just programmed to lust and covet for more and more money and worldly/material benefits. It is too sad to see and realize that in our society SUCCESS = A LOT OF MONEY. Money is really required to meet our necessities. But money is not equal to a successful life my fellows! (You will finally know it when you’ll have it… but it might be too late to follow your passion and dreams at that moment of truth).

I ask those who are running hard for money, money and money… sacrificing their love, passion and families…
Was Rasool Allah (SAW) the richest man on earth? Is he not successful? Was Ibraheem (AS) (the Imam of Mankind) the richest man or Nelson Mandela or Mother Teresa or this and that???
Why do celebrities suicide? They have money plus fame (the second most coveting desire of a human being). Still they kill themselves! Why?

***because they know money and fame is not the answer***

Please… please tell yourself and your children that a successful life means a happy and a satisfied life… discover your true instinct, the natural talent in you… find out if you are a fish or a bird… do what you love to do... indulge yourself in that passion … make your passion your source of earning… learn the art of living… then cherish it and celebrate and party…

Yes, you can! You can… live a bombastic life even with 40 thousand rupees a month or even 20 thousand rupees. Or even when you are broke…

“When all you’ve got is nothing!
There’s a lot to go around…”
You just need to sit down for a while alone and figure it all out Habibi…!

Anyways, I know if you are not 100% mechanized by our chootiya society, one day everyone will hear a thunder and you will unintentionally EeXxPlo0dEe!

(My teenage interpretation of the verse: If cows and buffaloes cannot find vegetations and greenery as their fodder, God won’t let them die of hunger and will produce fungus for them. So they can eat that fungus and survive (hahaha) Are you dead laughing?)

Kishwer Baqar
I have always been a lone voice crying in the wilderness!!!
08 May 2018

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