The Significance of HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program)

(Danish Iqbal, India)

On the competitive era, there are lots of hazards arises in the world that require to control them through the distinct technology. To explore the most important research approach the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) that was amended over the decades based on the ionosphere research program. At the international level, it gained the exposure around the world and best utilization of HAARP in the military and firstly introduced by the University of Alaska Fairbanks. It is used for the defensive purposes with the Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and it was outlined by the well-developed technology with the unique reason. It has the basic purpose to break down the ionosphere and explore the potential innovation for creating the ionosphere for the better radio communications and investigation. To recognize the HAARP as a powerful segment, to have the high-recurrence transmitter that is utilized for the further investigation of the ionosphere.

The HAARP is considered as the scientific approach that purpose to concentrate on the properties and conduct of the ionosphere. These have the exceptional operation in the way of research under the United States prospect and the Air Force University of Alaska. Moreover, the HAARP approach helps to proceed with the exploration of effective ionosphere phenomenology for the further means of a land-utilize the efficient cooperative research and has the foundation of the development agreement. The (HAARP) used in a beneficial way on the long-term basis to resemble a harmless research that provides the future results to control over the natural hazards in the world. Firstly, the HAARP seems to be a complex process that based on the technical techniques and give the exposure to the world on the safety foundation. That HAARP facilitate the population to has the safety as well as to discover the upcoming uncertainty that have the effects on the human life.

According to the researcher, to analyze the prospect of HAARP to have the open doors for the further research in the developing world. In Pakistan, need to use such kind of technology to reduces the chance of uncertain hazards like earthquake, flood and vice versa. It helps to inform about the threats to give the classified way to secure the place. It has enough criticism by the experts to sustain the HAARP with the exceptional objectives. Among the expressed objectives of HAARP are considering how the world's to use the natural ionosphere that has the influence on the radio signals which is an essential aspect for the commercial as well as the military worlds.

By the HAARP, to have the low frequencies that help to enhance the radio contact between the large numbers of individuals and throughout the submarine. In this way, the military has the significant capacity to evaluate the obstacles and the locatemissiles that helps to identify the effective shelters. The researcher has to make the examinations that estimate the environmental impact that amends the procedure proposed in the concept of radio recurrence interference for beneficiary frameworks. There are different offices to use the HAARP strategy and its relevant diagnostic instruments that aim to accomplish the compatibility with different clients of the radio frequency environment. In the Pakistan perspective, the government is resolved to accomplish the achievements with the association of different clients of the electromagnetic spectrum. To analyze the electromagnetic reliability program to set up the guarantee to accomplished the objective in a progressive way.

There is a fundamental applied research regarding the HAARP that identified the investigation of the Earth's ionosphere and its advantages in the processing. It intended to be an operational system that used in the military purposes and the HAARP specifications created by the universities to meet the necessities for a world-class research. The research has to collect the noteworthy information that aligns the outline of future research endeavors. Authoritatively, HAARP is restricted to operate just on the emergency purposes for the exact point. Through the HAARP to figure out the effective communication systems that help to moveable the sensors which utilize the short wavelength and make a considerable part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Such kind of spectrum do the work at the few megahertz and these frequencies have the ability to face the inalienable focal points with the long distance data transmission. Also, to have the determination in the way of development and signifies the positioning in the world with the sources and identifiers. It provides the entering capacity within constitutes with a noteworthy obstacle that utilized to spread out the examining and communicating profound into the ground as well as the ocean.

In conclusion, the HAARP is based on the global warming and become an essential aspect to provide the positive outcomes also, it can work in the low-frequency conversion mode. HAARP has the electromagnetic waves that accumulate the long frequencies and make the communication effective. It originated on the basis of authentic research and utilize for the beneficial purpose across the world. To explore the source for the benefits and to control the uncertain environmental threats. It is a potential aspect to revolutionize at the low-frequency remote detecting and communications.

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