Sindhi Culture Day Celebration

(SAMIA SAMAN, karachi)

In Pakistan every year on first Sunday of December Sindhi culture day is celebrated. It is very surprised to see that not only people who belongs to Sindhi community celebrate this day as well as other communities rejoice this day with great zeal and enthusiasm.

The main goal of Sindhi Culture day celebration is to promote Sindhi tradition and its values among the people of Pakistan and to show the world that culture of Sindh is very diverse and very colorful. It is celebrated with great courage to promote feeling of solidarity among the people and it do not resist to just one specific group of people although the entire Pakistan celebrated this festival with excitement and interest.

In Sindh the celebration cultural day was at high level as one of the reason is that many renowned politicians belonged to Sindhi community and they wanted to sustained their foot at the land of Sindh in order to gain power and initiate its own régime and control over the land of Sindh.

This day people from every walk of life are particularly wearied white salwar kameez along with traditional block printed shawl Sindhi caps and cooked some delicious food. danced to some melodious tunes such as Jeay Sindh Jeay, Sindh wara jeayan! Sindhi topi, ajrak wara jeayan and as they moved in the rallies.

The culture and Heritage day of Sindh was first observed on 6 December on 2009 before it there was no celebration was notable, Sindhi culture day was started when Dr Shahid Masood who had criticized the then President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari for wearing a Sindhi cap on his overseas tours, then Sindhi people’s response to criticism of former president Asif Ali Zardari for wearing a Sindhi Topi (cap) even on official occasions. Since then, Sindhi culture day was noticed and is celebrated to show unanimity of people. Television channel KTN Head Ali QAZI announced that We will celebrate our traditional culture day and at that time special cultural shows were aired then from that day onwards this festival was given importance and its eminent worldwide.

Several political parties, including Pakistan People’s party, Muttahida Quami Movement Pakistan and other parties arranged their separate rallies. This day is being celebrated like Eid as the scenario of this day seems very delightful and cheerful.

This festival is celebrated to keep their culture, tradition and values alive as due culture invasion others cultures are very effected, Sindhi people has celebrated this day to proliferate values among the new generation so they must understand the importance of their culture.

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