Feudalism and lack of education in peasantry community.

(Aisha Siddique, Digri,Sindh)

It is the most common issue of our society. There is no doubt that the children are the capital of any nation. Development of any progressive country behind the education of children.

In urban areas there is most abundant ratio in lack of child education due to feudalism.They are commonly known as 'Waderas'.They govern over their farmers due to clossal power base of the feudal and lack of education in this community they do not have awareness about their human rights.

Most of the childrens of school going age do not attend the schools because most of schools in urban are constructed without teachers and students and the building of school commonly use as 'Autaqs'and also for dairy farms.This situation is very shameful for every citizen of Pakistan.

Why this is so?Is it because the feudal does not want the farmer's children education?to a large extent the answer is 'YES'. Because education is inverse relationship with feudalism. The feudal wants total supermacy. He can not impudence and a poor peasants and his children standing up and saying No to him.

Some of the villages have teachers and students but there levels of education is to primary/higher. There are mostly villages have no facility of colleges therefore girls have to stops their education at that level. Mother's lap is the first institude of a child. If we have less educated Mothers then we can think that what will be the status of education in their childrens. If we wants to progress our society then we wants an educated mothers.

Most of the students have with extra ordinary mind and they wants to continue their education but their parents have no resources for their child to go out of village for continue their education.

The feudals fulfil the basic requirements of food and shelter their farmers in return of total allegiances. This means that peasants have to give their life for the feudal if need be. In this case the peasants cultivate his land side by side. For his farming requirements he borrow cash from the feudal. Even the crop has fails, the loan have to be returned. It is a huge amount of loan they have to be return due to this situation most of the farmers left their children education in middle and they started works as farmer to returns that loan as soon as possible.It is the most common issue behind the uneducated peasantry community.

Most of the teachers are posted in villages they do not sincere with their profession in the result of this the farmer's children deprived from better education. If the teacher is sincere with the peasants education and do their duty with sincerity also in villages they also can be the good citizens Pakistan.

This is all happen due to less awareness in peasants community they served their all life for feudals from generation to generation. if we not illuminant better education system in villages the condition of peasants remain same.

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