Surrender to the fact that life is not fair

(Asma Tariq, Gujrat)

Joel Osteen said, " Life is not always fair. Be content and do your best even when things aren't going your way.

We were talking about the injustices of life and it reminds me the fact that life is not fair and it's a bummer but it's absolutely true.

One of mistake we do , we feel petty about ourselves and others, thinking that life should be fair or it will be fair one day but it's not and it won't. We spend our a lot of time in complaining about what's wrong with life and feeling sorry about ourselves. We complain with others for ourselves and others and forget about our responsibilities .We discuss about the injustices of life and unfair attitude of life not realising that life was not intended to be fair.

And that attitude pushes us down and down and wastes our energies in complaining about the injustices of life and it's totally worthless

One of the nice thing about life is that surrender to the fact that life is not fair and it keeps us from feeling sorry about ourselves and life by encouraging us to do very best what we can with we have. It helps us to perform our best and realise us that it's not life job to make everything perfect but we have to work in order to make it better. Surrender to the that life is not fair also keep us from feeling sorry about others by realising that everyone has unique strengths and different view about things and different way of dealing. It's also realise that others have unique characters that would help them in their lives. This insight help us to deal with the problems of life and in taking decisions about the importance of life.

Surrender to fact that life is not fair also help us in our struggle for better life and it encourage us when we feel victimised and petty about ourselves and our life and make us encouraged and take us back on the track. It wakes us up to the reality that life is not fair.

Surrender to the fact that life is not fair doesn't mean that we shouldn't do anything in our power for the improvement of life or world but it realise the fact that we need to make our selves worth able not for our life but others rather than complaining about the unfair attitude of life and we should do anything for the betterment of life and world.

When we don't admit that life is not fair, we feel petty about ourselves and others and do nothing accept complaints and discussions about the cruelties of life and self petty in itself is self defeating emotion that destroy us and make us worthless and worse not for ourselves but others.

But when we realise that life is not fair we admit the realities of life and make ourselves ready for the competition of the cruelties of life and it also realise us the importance of ourselves andlife and fill our heart with love not for ourselves but others .And we feel compassion for others and ourselves and compassion is heart felt emotion that delivers love and kindness to everyone that touches it .

When you recognise that life is not fair then you focus on the possibilities what life is given rather than what's wrong with life. You focus on your strengths and make them better, it realised you the importance of responsibility and make you responsible for life.

Next time when you think about the injustices of life and feel petty about life rather than complaining reminde yourself that it's the basic fact of life .We will notice after realising that your complaints would converted into gracefulness and you feel yourself encouraged and you will focus on the possibilities rather than cruelties.


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