Talis Village

(Kamal Ud Din, Ganche)

Talis is a gorgeous village of district Ghanche. It’s located nearly 50km away from the district head quarter Khapolu.It's consists of 400 household and more than 5000 population Farming is the basic source of livelihood of indigence.

It has very rich in historical perspective. There are several historical places religious as well as Royal. Religiously , ‘Ameer-e-Kabir Masjid’ a prominent mosque built by a great mystic and pioneer Islamic preacher of Baltistan and Kashmir HazratAmeer-e-Kabir Syed Ali Hamdani in around 700 H .Tombs of several mystics leader are also located in this village.According to History and nomenclature of few places of this village depicted that the Raja of Khaplu dwelled here for nearly one or two decades .Some name are ‘KHAR’ (Royal Palace ) name of hill where the palace was built ,‘MONGRONG’(Colony of musician) it is name of plain just above the village but slightly down as compare to ‘KHAR’ surface, Royal Musician were used to reside there , ‘HrtaFailungba’ (Route of Royal Horses) it is name of a path through which the Raja used to come down from palace to plain ‘BIAMALA’ (Polo ground =village nowadays ) to play Polo or to attain any celebration.

Previously, village was consist of three small (mulalah) colonies Beashu,Manchu and Ghomiskit with household of 160,160, and 20 respectively. Unfortunately, two consecutive heavy flood smashed the beauty of village and turned into dusty and muddy in seconds.More than 16 people were died and large number of houses were ruined and cultivated land and tree came under the mud of flood. In these problematic circumstances, the people of neighbor villages assisted a lot. The role of people of Machulo, Saling,Marzigon and Balaygone were very significant and laudable in providing food and shelter with largesse for the victims. The people of Talis never forget the endeavors in rescue and relief management of NYF Khaplu.NYF youth made a history by aiding and hard labor working to make the passage for masses .The unprecedented effort of the peoples will not be forgotten by the people of Talis.

Deputy Commissioner and all political representatives visited and sympathized the family of casualties. DC announced some monetary relief for all victims. Regrettably, the government did not able to assist as corresponding to lost.

There is only one middle school functioning in the village, which efficiency perpetually disturbed by regular alteration of teaching staff. The pitiable constantly declining rate of literacy because of unavailability of proper High school in village. Students have to travel to Muchulo for Secondary level education. Most of the student left high school due to mainly three reasons. Firstly too much far away from home.Secondly availability of space midst home and school for student to reside and absent from school. Thirdly (due to large distance) impossible communication between teacher and parents .

A College and a science school are desperate need in Machulu or Talis as center of Mashabrum (Saling-Hushay).Many poor parents did not bear the expenditures when their boys and girls want go to Khaplu. Some valiant parents tried but lack of interaction with the child majority of student deviate from the path of studies. History is full of stories of talented and sane students betrayed or became waste in Khaplu.

The condition of girls’ primary school Talis is also pitiable and pathetic. Delaying the construction of a proper building and lack of qualified teachers the Future of girls are gradually becoming dark .

In short, people of Talis are very bold, generous and peace loving .They share the moment of happiness and grieves equally.The heed of authorities dire requisite in all walk of life specifically in education currently. Owing to constantly authorities failed in accomplishment of a convenient platform or system of education the condition of schools are mournful and pathetic in this village .. Parents are courageous and willing to support their childerns at any cast and Youth are also seemed enthusiastic and intended to achieve the premier milestone of education.certainly ,It's ray of hope.

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