Rise in popularity of football in Pakistan

(Osama Abbasi, Rawalpindi)

Football is a feeling ❤️

Over the recent years popularity of football in Pakistan is rising everyday.Youth is very much interested in football.The reason might be the use of social media where they get updates about their favourite teams & players regularly which didn't happen in the past.Before it was hockey then it was cricket & now many people say football is the next big thing in Pakistan.Now a days football worldcup is going on where football teams from all over the world compete against each other & Pakistani people are watching the mathches with great interest from youngsters to elderly people everybody's eyes are fixed on the television as some of the best players in the world fight for their nation.Each team wants to be victorious to give their people joy to give their country eternal glory.Almost everybody here in Pakistan is talking about football worldcup giving their opinions about the games.But the sad thing is that there is no Pakistan team in worldcup as Pakistan never qualified for the football worldcup .

Why we are backwards in football ?

According to the latest rankings which were published by Fifa on 7 June 2018 Pakistan team is ranked 201.The lowest ranking among asian teams.Football has suffered in the country over the last 3 years.The presidential election of Pakistan football federation which were held in 2015 did split the pff into two factions following a bitter dispute.Later lahore high court dismissed the president of Pff faisal saleh hayat and ordered fresh elections.World's football governing body Fifa recognised faisal saleh hayat as pff president so they put a ban on Pakistan football from playing international matches as they thought that government is interfering with this matter.Later courts took back their decision of dismissing faisal saleh hayat as president and made him the president again.Fifa was closely watching this matter & they removed the ban from Pakistan football federation recently.The last match that Pakistan national team played was 2018 worldcup qualifying match against yemen in March 2015.Defeat in two-legged first round playoff ruled out competitive matches for the national team for the next four years.Fifa ranking is calculated by taking into account the teams results in competitive & friendly matches over four year period.We don't play any matches so we are going down in rankings every year.

Pff needs to use fifa money wisely

Football as a sport is seeing an incredible popularity in Pakistan over the recent years.We possess top-class talent in our country but time & time again we fail to deliver on the international stage.Dreaming about 2022 worldcup is to live in an illusionary world.Before dreaming about such achievement we need to sort out things at root level first.Fifa annually gives Pakistan more than 15 crore Pakistani rupees.Pff needs to use it wisely for the betterment of football in the country.Pff needs to support the local teams by providing them a place to showcase their talent.A proper football league must be organised.Local investors & foreign investors must be attracted.Proper media coverage should be given to the league so it can reach new heights of popularity in the country.Talent hunt programs must be organised just like in cricket Pakistan super league teams hunt the talent which not only encourage the players but it also provides an opportunity for the players to come forward and show their talent.

We can conquer football

Football is a sport which is played & enjoyed by both the working class & middle class,while the upper class owns football clubs.If you watch football then you obviously know about Leo Messi who is considered as the greatest player of all time by many football pundits.Leo messi came from a humble background he sacrificed everything to have a career in football.He left his country argentina to play for a football club in spain fc barcelona.He left his family,his people,his friends & everything.Players in Pakistan also do the same they make huge sacrifice to train & progress through the system.Pakitani players can learn a lot from superstars like Leo Messi.Sport is considered as a route of poverty globally where the players put their hardwork & get rewarded in an unimaginable way.Their sacrifices take them to a new heights of success & they visit different parts of the world where they play their sport.Pakistani footballers need to be given proper facilities by Pff so they can choose their passion as their careers.If a proper football league is given to the players they can be hired by the biggest football clubs all around the world which will not only bring more interest by the people of Pakistan in football but it will also improve our national team as well.If we can click as a national team well by improving all the factors in football then there's no denying if a country like Iceland with the population of 343 k can qualify for the worldcup by competing against the world biggest teams then Pakistan can also reach the biggest height in football it just needs more focus from the Pakistan football federation.

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