Ramadan A Blessing For Economy

(Syeda Aimen Shah, Islamabad)

Ramadan is the holy month of Muslims in which they fast. In this month virtue (sawab) for good deeds is increased and blessings are showered upon them by The Almighty but Ramadan is a blessing for economy as well because it helps to boost the economic activities in its own way. One of the main problem faced by our economy is unequal distribution of wealth but in Ramadan due to religion obligation donation and charity is increased as zakat, for fair distribution of zakat different welfare organization like Shauqat Khanam memorial trust, Edhi foundation, Citizen foundation ,Ehsaas trust and Sahara trust etc. are created by well-known and trust worthy people who encourage people to may more zakat for welfare of people who cannot afford their health, education and living expenses. This process helps in increasing the flow of wealth from rich to poor and creates stability. Different brands also start their charity campaigns during this Holy month of Ramadan like Pepsi (Leader of light) and Coca cola (Bottle of Change) etc. to increase welfare and to earn PR. To further support poor Bachat Bazars are organized in each city by government to increase affordability and living standard. Ramadan also provides income opportunities as several food stalls are setup during this month for sehr and Iftar especially in interior cites like food stalls at Banni food street (Rawalpindi) and Anarkali food street (Lahore) etc. Due to increase in demand of fruits, vegetables and other edibles producers earn a lot by over pricing everything though it does not favor public but it benefits the seller of commodities and economy. The positive effect of Ramadan on the economy is also witnessed likewise in the Advertising industry. More money is generated from commercials because different companies and various organizations grab the favorability of fasting to showcase their goods and services almost on an hourly or daily basis depending on how, when and what time they want the advert to run. During Ramadan special Ramadan sehr and iftar radio and t.v transmissions like Shan e Ramadan, Ittehad Ramadan and Dil Dil Ramadan etc., cooking shows and dramas are aired which proves to be a blessing for producers as it helps earning a lot through TRPs. In short Ramadan is a true blessing for everyone.

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