Vengeance of anger:

(Aqib Jameel, Islamabad)

These are small three words, which are hard when they hit a person. This story starts with a husband and wife starting their day; wife gives a good breakfast to her husband, he starts wondering that she might demand a big thing for so much kindness.

Wife waits for the perfect time and starts the conversation by saying ”Rehana was wearing a good dress at her brothers marriage and has bought it for 50000 rs and I was thinking that I needed a new dress for zakirs wedding”. With a shocked look husband says to his wife she has bought a new dress a month before.

They start arguing for a good while. Husband leaves the house with anger. He goes to the office where he is the assistant of a dean in a university, as he enters office he calls the poor cleric and scolds him to take out the frustration of his wife.

The cleric after a bad begging of day walks to his office,where a student is waiting for him. He ignores him the student hands over the page to cleric who says come tomorrow, its is not a good time today and it was the same thing the student has been hearing from the past week and he starts arguing with him and the cleric takes out all his frustrations to the student who is unable to respond thinking about his 2 more years he has to stay in the university doesn’t do anything he goes to home where he sees his maid has not cleaned up his room.

He scolds her a lot and takes out his frustration. She leaves the house and goes to another house for work and asks for money but her owner doesn’t give she gets her frustration and anger to her madam sahaba for not providing her money for which she has worked so long, fortunately she is the same wife who fought for a dress to her husband. So all anger does is floats from one to another and in the end reaches to the same body from where it came from.

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