Saraikistan - Fight for Rights

(Khaizar, Islamabad)


In Past, East Pakistan was separated because their benefits were being occupied to West Pakistan, and they weren't getting their share. Same is the feeling of Saraikis from long time. The reason they want a separate province is because they are sick of all their funds being given to Lahore and Northern Punjab. South Punjab provides huge amount of food and Cotton to the country and is bread basket of country. Despite knowing this fact, government does not seems to be interested in the development of south Punjab. So is it wrong to ask for rights? No, Hardly any of the development Funds are given to South Punjab.

Sadly Pakistan has remained a discriminatory country and minorities have always been mistreated People love to say that dividing Punjab into two provinces , this will create further division neglecting what is being done to South Punjab. But “ One Big Punjab “ is the threat to the language and culture of Saraiki because the province was forcefully created. The movement of Saraikistan was started so that people could promote their culture and practices. All the demands are legit except the timing of demand. Although the movement was started in 1960’s but has outraged now because nothing has been done from the side of Government to help them  Saraikistan movement has always been non-violent . In long-term new province is in the favour of Pakistan. Reasons why new province should be created are that the quota of Punjab is much more than other provinces will be wiped away once the population of province will equal the population of other provinces
Other Benefits of New Province :-
1. New Province will help in developing cities . which ill decrease population load on Big cities like Lahore , Karachi, etc
2. Distribution of resources will be done better
3. It will promote help Pakistani culture .
4. More Politicians will help their People as they will not have “ big brother “ like Punjab to blame

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