Need of Chinese Language.

(Syed Haseen Abbas Madani, Karachi)

After the entry of CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) many opportunities has become increased for jobs and other economic benefits In the scenario of CPEC it has become essential to learn Chinese language, because more than 100 Chinese companies doing business with Pakistan and a big population of Chinese workers is involved in this Business, our people have to work and interaction with them and for this purpose we have to learn Chinese for better understanding and performance. It is a fact that the time of English Knowing has already been packed and ILET exam has been replaced with HSK (Chinese proficiency test) because Europe and America has been changing their policies and not interested to give opportunities to Pakistanis, more over the reputation has been spoiled due to Nawaz Sharif's episode and his corruption is famous.

The embracing situation is that a Prime Minister of an Islamic Republic has become of such nature. So we should realize the CPEC has created best chances for us and really a game changer for this region.

Let me explain what is HSK Exam?

China's Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, known as the "HSK" or the Chinese Language Proficiency Test, is a standardized test developed by the HSK Test Center at Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU). The HSK test is meant to assess the Chinese language proficiency of non-native speakers (foreigners, overseas Chinese and China's ethnic minorities). It aims to assess examinees’ ability to understand spoken and written Chinese. HSK certification is a widely recognized measure of one's Chinese language proficiency level and can be used in university admissions and job applications.

Hear at Karachi there are many institutes are teaching for Chinese Language and it has also been notified as compulsory subject at School and University level since 2013 but I do not understand that why the schools are implementing this, at University it has been notified that Chinese language is now mandatory to clear the BE exams and also in other departments.

At University of Karachi there is an institution with the name of Confucius Institute University of Karachi is teaching Students for all HSK levels, also arranging Scholarships for the students They have different programs of study , but if these timing does not suite someone he also can approach to other Institutes.

Great wall Institute of Chinese Language is also prepares for the HSK exams. Actually there are six levels of HSK. Level one comprises upon 150 words. Chinese has not alphabets like other languages, it is almost the pictography of the word or ideas to express feeling and expressions are like pictures which is called Characters, what I called words it is the expression of the Characters and a word my consist of two or more characters.. So the level two is of level one plus 150 more characters. Level three is of 300 plus level two characters. The level four is of 600 plus level three Characters and level five is of 1200 plus level four characters. In level 6 there are the total Characters of all the level is equal to 3000 Characters. In Chinese language about 40,000 Characters were use at olden times. After the Chairman Mao's administration in the result of deep research and discussion they decided that in the 3000 Character they can express all of their feelings and thoughts.

The technical, and medical may have increased some more, Economics, Banking and IT expanded a little more space. For the Urdu speakers this is not a difficult Language. To pronounce, to express accent and tones there are less difficulty in comparison of URDU. Most Chinese teachers are not Urdu learned so they also saying that Chinese is the only tonal Language and very difficult, even the Chinese language has the same eastern feeling as we speak in URDU. I just wanted to give a brief introduction of the HSK course and a very little idea of the theme of the language.

I suggest that we Pakistanis must learn this language it is in our best interests. Thanks..

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