8 – Growing menaces in University

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


University life is generally a charming and relaxed life of educational upstairs of students. They start their education life from school / madarsa where they face stress in their learning and training. After completion of school life they reach to college life where they feel relatively relaxation in compare to school and madarsa life. Life is not free from threat and hazard; similarly unbridled freedom of students in university life invites many types of threats for students on account of which not only their educational career gets badly hit, but also their parents suffer a lot of difficulties. The eight (8) growing menace in University Life is given below:-

1) Drug Addiction: One major threat in the University life is the use of Drugs by students that totally spoil their health and study as well as carry them on the point of no return if they continuously use the drugs. The drug addicted students become isolated as society does not want to absorb drug addicted students. The drug addicted student not only does waste his time but also devastates hard earnings of his parents.
2) Extremism: Due to the influence of the radical political parties in the Universities, the wave of extremism has reached in the University. Explosion and killings have become common in the city as youngsters have been confined by the terrorist groups. They brainwash the youngsters and drug-addicted students and make them suicide bombers to hit the country badly as well as to defame it.

3) Political Freedom: One threat that is evidently not conceived is the political freedom in the University Premises that divides the students into different sects and groups. In the long run these sects and groups make the bloody fight with each other and even kill the opponents.

4) Disrespect: Once Teachers were respected. Students never opened lips against them. Their decisions were followed and implemented in letter and spirit. But now due to the political influence, students become threats for Teachers. To save their respect and honor the teachers do not reprehend the students even on their blunder. Disrespect of teachers is common in university and college premises.

5) Far from Knowledgeable practice: One growing threat that observed in the University Life is that students have left their knowledgeable practice so as to gain their political strength to beat the drum. Their curriculum and knowledgeable practices have come to an end and in place of them their unlawful and extremist activities have come to the fore.

6) Avoidance to use of Brain: Owing to the political slavery, students do not use their brain. They make their decision by using their hearts rather than brain consequently they make fatal mistake even they put their lives in a danger zone. The avoidance to use of brain makes them trouble makers and in the long run they are exploited as fuel to destruction by terrorist groups.

7) Bullying: Bullying is also a growing menace in the University. Generally, it has been witnessed that the unionized students under political shelter harass all other non-unionized and non-political students causing great inconvenience for them. This kind of harassing situation not only ruins the peace of the university, but also the peace of the city.

8) Shortcut Approach: The Shortcut Approach is also a great growing menace in the University. Students try to take their degrees by way of shortcut approach, i.e. without the deployment of their thinking, perspiration, mediation and the patience. They do not consider the value of the time management, consequently they lag behind also are not in a position to face the competitive market environment.


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